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Oxford and Bloomsbury have a lot in common. Both being famous for their literary heritage and country-esque locales, it is hardly a surprise then, when we see tourists from Oxford enjoying weekend getaways to the literary heart of London. Since we get a lot of curious queries from travellers asking about accommodations and places to visit in Bloomsbury, we decided to roll out an illustrative guide to help you make the best of your time. Join us as we discuss various important details of your travel, stay and exploration in Bloomsbury, London. And now, without much ado, let us hop on to this amazing joyous journey and discover the best that Bloomsbury has to offer.

Managing your Travel from Oxford to London

The travel distance between Oxford and London is nearly 57 miles, which means you can reach London within an hour. And when you factor in the time to navigate your way from any of the London station to Bloomsbury, it might take another half hour or one, given the traffic conditions and more. Thus, we can assume an estimated time of 2 hours in reaching Bloomsbury from Oxford.

Now obviously, the time required significantly depends on your choice of commute. There are primarily 3 options available for anyone planning a trip down to Bloomsbury. You can either book a train or a coach (- buses meant for longer journeys), or simply drive down to Bloomsbury. Each of these alternatives is pretty different from each other, and offers a distinctive experience in its own. Hence, we leave it up to you to decide the choice of commute, but should you decide to travel via Coach or Train, we have got some additional information to share with you.

Oxford to London by Trains

You can book the First Great Western train and reach London Paddington Station. From 57 minutes to 1 hour and 55 minutes, your train journey can extend up to any duration, depending solely on the train you choose. Once you reach the Paddington Station, it is quite easy then to reach Bloomsbury. You may hire a direct taxi from Paddington to Bloomsbury or may opt for London underground. We shall discuss more about getting around Bloomsbury in our next section, for now let us plan out your journey by coaches.

Do not let the word “Coaches” confuse you. These are basically buses meant for long distance travel. Passengers have quite a lot of choices when it comes to booking journey by coach. X90 by Oxford BusOxford Tube and National Express, all vie to be your first choice of travel and their schemes and offers are mostly the same. The coach journey commences from the Gloucester Green Bus station in Oxford, and taking you via delightful countryside views, drops you at the Victoria Coach station. Some coach journeys also have their stoppages scheduled at Bakers Street and Marble Arch. Either ways, once you reach any of these Bus stops in London, it is quite easy to make your way towards the literary heart of the British Capital, Bloomsbury.

Say Hello to the Bloomsbury London Neighbourhood

Each time someone mentions the word British or classic English, it is quite easy to imagine the sophisticated white buildings, lush green gardens, and an air of sheer nonchalance and calm. If you, for once, would like to experience the true novelty and regal charms of the British Capital, booking your date with Bloomsbury is a must. As the erstwhile residence of mavericks like Virgina Woolf, EM Foster and John Maynard Keynes, this high-end residential area of London still exudes an air of effortless grace and tranquillity. As the official centre for University of London, University of the Arts, and the University College London Institute of Neurology, Bloomsbury does flaunt the best of education, student activities and young chic crowd. Traditionally renowned for its medicine, education, arts and similar collaterals, the place also boasts of an eclectic theatre. The Bloomsbury Theatre, exhibiting the best of professional and budding talent, has earned a lot of respect and regard from the local Londoners.

We shall talk more about Bloomsbury later, for now, let us help you get around this artistic district, and also, assist you in booking your desired accommodation.

Once you reach London, finding your way around Bloomsbury is quite simple. The artistic centre of London has a number of tube (London Underground) stations in its vicinity, and you can use any one of the following stations to reach Bloomsbury:
The Euston Square Tube Station is closest to Bloomsbury. The station operates in Travel Card Zone 1, and is accessible from the Circle, Metropolitan and District Lines.
Holborn is another tube station operating on Travel Card Zone 1, and is pretty close to selected destination. The station is accessible both from the Central Line and Piccadilly Line. Additionally, you may also opt for the Russell Square Station on Piccadilly Line, and Tottenham Court Road station, which operates on Central and Northern Lines. Lastly, Warren Street tube station is close to Bloomsbury and is going to be most suitable to you, if you are making the journey from Victoria station. 
Moreover, Bloomsbury is merely walking distance from various central London railway stations, such as King’s Cross, St Pancras and Euston rail terminus. Thus, you can expect an effortlessly convenient travel around this eloquent and sophisticated destination in London. Besides, this London district is well connected via bus routes and private hire taxis, and hence you really get to enjoy an effortless and easy commute.
If you wish to stay at a central location in London, this is the most central that you can get. With every popular tourist spot ranging from Trafalgar Square to London Eye to O2 Arena to Piccadilly Circus, West End and Oxford Street located just around the corner, you actually get to stay right in the middle of everything!

Managing your Stay in Bloomsbury
If you have not managed your accommodation as yet, do not worry, for we are here to help you out! As one of the most reliable hotel booking partners in London, how can we leave you alone in your ultimate tryst with this beautiful artistic hub? Regardless of whichever type of lodging you are looking for, we shall assist you fully in finding the best accommodations and hotels in Bloomsbury
Opt for a Budgeted Accommodation in Bloomsbury

If as a traveller, you are more interested in exploring this beautiful picturesque district, we suggest you simply opt for a budgeted accommodation, preferably a bed and breakfast. A favourite of various students and young professionals, these hotels and B&B accommodations appeals to anyone who is looking for a cost-effective stay. For instance, the Goodwood Hotel in Bloomsbury, located close to Oxford Circus and British Museum, provides an inexpensive stay. You can catch every titbits of delightful activates happening in the heart of central London, and that too at extremely affordable prices. Besides, the stay also includes a complimentary continental breakfast and free internet connection. 
Besides, if you are planning to be up and about the town all the time, why not book a classic and groovy bed and breakfast accommodation? These B&B lodgings are best suited for tourists who wouldn’t like to waste much of money on fancy hotels, and would rather enjoy certain basic comforts and a scrumptious breakfast. When you book George Hotel B&B in Bloomsbury, you also receive free parking, internet and breakfast. Besides, the spacious and airy rooms of this beautiful lodging are simply a winner. You may reserve either of the two options and enjoy the beauty of Bloomsbury, without burning a hole in your pocket. 

Bloomsbury has a reputation for flaunting the best of elegant and regal boutique accommodations. These boutiques hotels envelope a characteristic vintage charm and poise in their architecture and decors. Besides, if you wish to fully enjoy the sophistication and timelessness of Bloomsbury, you must (and yes, we insist) consider booking boutique lodging for your stay.
Grange Blooms Hotel is an interesting boutique accommodation  nestled in the heart of Bloomsbury. An erstwhile townhouse, built in the 18th century, Grange Blooms today is synonymous with the artistic beauty of the era gone by. Besides, this refurbished townhouse is located in the close vicinity of every popular Bloomsbury attraction, including Covent Garden, Oxford Street and British Museum.
Besides, Clarendon Hotel, a beautiful boutique hotel in Bloomsbury , forms another compelling option for various guests that have an eye for beauty. This gorgeous Georgian Townhouse belongs to the 16th century London, and carries the immaculate grace and charm of the golden times. Situated in Bedford Place, the hotel provides the best stay in the heart of Bloomsbury, close to Trafalgar Square, British Museum, and Euston Station.

Secret Boutique Hotel in Bloomsbury

With our willingness to provide you with the most cost saving deals on your stay in London, we have put together several secret hotels in the heart of the capital. These secret hotels are primarily 4-star and 5-star accommodations, offering their stay at incredibly discounted prices. If you wish to enjoy up to 40% of discounts and stay in a charming and classic boutique hotel, we suggest you opt for this secret boutique hotel with private gardens in Bedford Place, Bloomsbury. Enjoy a stay near Covent Garden, Russell Square and British Museum, and go easy on your wallet with up to 40% off on your stay. 

And if you desire the highest class of luxury and appeal from your stay in London, we have got just the right options for you. To begin with, the Bloomsbury Hotel is often a popular choice for various travellers visiting the heart of British Capital. Barely a hop, skip and jump away from the Covent Garden and Leicester Square, this hotel fuses the best of London designs and themes to provide an intriguing experience. Guests to the hotel can also enjoy its new-age technology, contemporary fittings and free internet access.
Moreover, even the Buckingham Hotel is a nice luxurious option . Situated close to the Russell Square tube station and British Museum, the hotel is a preferred choice of various business travellers. Its close proximity to several business hubs and central London locales, along with meeting and banquet facilities, allows the business travellers to build their network.
And lastly, redefining luxury and panache is the Grange Holborn Hotel situated in the near vicinity of Bloomsbury. If you wish to enjoy an indulging stay in the heart of London, comprising of a 13 metre huge pool, luxury spa, sauna, tennis court and more, this is the exact option that you are looking for. Being minutes away from Holborn Tube Station, Covent Garden, British Museum and Trafalgar Square, the 5-star accommodation offers the best of luxury in the lap of exquisite London. 
Now that you have taken care of your accommodation, we can possible go about discussing your plans of exploring Bloomsbury (and other central London attractions). The culturally rich district has a number of parks, museums, art galleries, shopping centres and other attractions to offer. We shall briefly cover each one of that below:
The 3 Important Squares

When in Bloomsbury, do think of taking a relax stroll around the popular squares dating much back in time. The Bedford Square, Russell Square and Bloomsbury Square are important locales of this district, offering the most compelling and quiet sights upholding important history.
To begin with, the Bedford Square was built between 1775 and 1783, and the area is names after the Dukes of Bedford, who were predominantly the landlords of Bloomsbury during those times. The square has a private garden of its own, with various buildings showcasing the remnants of the Georgian Era. Although most of the buildings in this square are now serving as offices, one can also find delight boutique hotels here. Besides, the Architectural Association School of Architecture exists here.
Furthermore, Russell Square is an important part of Central London, enveloping the profound, British Museum. This biggest square in London, was carved by the 5th Duke of Bedford established this enormous square, which currently enjoys the Numero Uno status in London squares. If you wish to hang out near the British Museum, enjoy intriguing Bloomsbury cafes, or just say “Hi!” to the huge statue of the Duke of Bedford, you can easily do all of that in Russell Square. 
And lastly, we have the Bloomsbury Square with us. Situated close to the Russell Square and Holborn underground station, Lord Southampton in 1665, established the square. At present, the Square flaunts a bevy of beautiful and coveted townhouses, Victorian buildings and terraces surrounding it.

3 Important Museums

Just like an island is surrounded with water, Bloomsbury is surrounded by museums – and bookshops and galleries. Hence, any artistic and explorative soul can easily loose the measure of time, while swaying around the serene and eloquently silent lanes of Bloomsbury. Although it is quite impossible for us to cover all the museums around Bloomsbury, we have still picked up top 3. If nothing else, you must at least explore these amazing collections of our history, tradition and of course, literature.
1.The British Museum – Situated on the Great Russell Road, this enormous museum contains a huge compilation of world history and artifacts. Carrying influential imprints of the Egyptian, Middle Eastern and Greek civilizations, the museum also flaunts Rosetta stone. Besides, if you were to look outside Egypt and Elgin Marbles, you would surely find more mummies in this museum, then anywhere else in the world. Furthermore, this entire trip to our intriguing past comes without you having to spend a single penny! Yes! The visit to British Museum is absolutely free! Also, the place hosts some of the best cafes and shops in its vicinity, so you can confirm your stay in Bloomsbury, and visit this marvel a couple of times, to enjoy its intriguing wealth, to the fullest!
2. Charles Dickens Museum – If you have grown up reading the classic work of Charles Dickens, this museum is going to uphold a strong sentimental value for you. The museum has formerly been the home of Dickens, and now contains a plethora of his writings, furniture, paintings and other items.
3.Cartoon Museum – For a fan-boy or a fan-girl, this place is nothing less than heaven. Containing one of the biggest collections of cartoons and comics, this museum is a site to adore. Besides, it allows free entry for anyone who is under 18 years of age. Thus, hop off the Tottenham Court Road tube station and walk in to this exciting museum.

While you are hanging around the lanes of Bloomsbury, how nice would it be if we get you to visit the trendiest shopping markets around? Whether you wish to pick stuff for yourself or get some souvenirs, these shopping streets offer the best choice. If you think it is about time you indulged in some fervent shopping, the Lamb’s Conduit Street in Bloomsbury is going to be your Mecca! 
A trip down the Lamb’s Conduit market offers exotic and exquisite surprises, especially the ones that include free wine – at several different occasions. You may start your tryst with the street by visiting the Darkroom, a geometric palace flaunting the best of handmade accessories from women, men and home. And if you would like to get more variety on decors, fabrics and ceramics, visit the Ben Pentreath shop. Besides, if you find yourself in the mood of exploring some forgotten female authors, especially in this land of Virgina Woolf, Persephone Books is an intriguing publishing house featuring the same. On your way to exit, you might want to indulge in some scrumptious Italian delicacies at the Ciao Bello. Lastly, if you are a whiskey person, a visit to the Royal Mile Whiskies is a must. Situated on 3, Bloomsbury Street, London, the store hosts the choicest selection of whiskeys, bourbons and other alcoholic drinks. You may contact the store at 0131 524 9380, and plan a visit sometime soon.

3 Important Book Shops

And if your visit to the Persephone Books has only left you wanting to more, we come bearing good news for you. We understand that you would want to breathe into the tranquillity of Bloomsbury fully. Perhaps, by sitting in the quiet settings of a dusty old book shop and romancing with your favourite literature. It is easy to find several Italian and French cafes, bars and alfresco options, but should you want to browse through a world-class collection of books and literature, several bookshops in Bloomsbury flaunts one of the most delightful and awe-inspiring collections.
To begin with, we suggest every book lover should visit the London Review Bookshop in Bloomsbury. Located in 14, Bury Place, WC1A 2JL, the shop flaunts the best stock of books, in exquisite condition. Besides, the staff over there is actually well-informed and is always too keen on helping the visitors. Besides, the store hosts real book reading events, where one can actually discuss the literature at length and mingle with various other literature enthusiasts. You may reach the store owners at 020-7269- 9030 for any further queries.
Moving on, people who have always been fascinated by graphic novels, comic strips and more would really appreciate visiting the Gosh! Bloomsbury bookstore. Along with comics and graphic novels, the store also reserves its shelves for independent mini comics and manga. The store can be found at 39, Great Russell Street, WC1B 3PH, and their contact number is 020-7636-1011.
Finally, should you have any interest in exploring the lives and literature of the sexual minorities, our LGBT counterparts, we suggest you visit Gay’s the Word book store. Existing since 1979, close to the Russell Square Tube station, at 66, Marchmont Street, the store is the market leader in the field of Gay fiction and academic stock.

So, Bloomsbury is one district in Camden, London, where you can find enough cafes, bars and pubs while walking down the street. It is quite easy to come across several French and Italian cafes and bars, while taking a random stroll down the roads. However, with the intent to facilitate your convenience, we have listed a few special options.
To begin with, the Life goddess offers delight Greek deli cuisines. Located at 29, Store Street, the restaurant is famous for its trendy decors with rusty edges. You may enquire further at +44 20 7637 2401. 
Furthermore, Salaam Namaste is an interesting Indian themed restaurant situated at 68, Millman Street. Walking distance from the Russell Square tube station, the restaurant serves exotic Indian dishes, and is extremely easy on pocket. You may call +44 20 7405 3697 for further enquiries. 
And while talking about Indian cuisines, how can we not mention the Chettinad. As a popular destination for South Indian Cuisines, this restaurant located on Percy Street, is a real crowd puller. If you have any further queries, feel free to contact them at 020-3556-1229. 
Also, if you would like to enjoy the best of pie, food, wining and dining, we suggest you visit the Newman Arms, located at 23, Rathbone St London. With an eclectic pub and delicious pie recipes, this is an ideal afternoon haunt for any Bloomsbury traveller. You may enquire further at +44 20 7636 1127.
And if you are looking to visit a spectacular bar, Holborn Whippet, Bloomsbury is an interesting option. You get to select your drink from a wide selection of exotic beers, besides you have an enthusiastic barman, more than eager to dispense taste notes and advices. If you are looking for a cost effective and interesting bar to visit, this bar, located at 25-29 Sicilian Avenue, is a nice option. You may get your further queries addressed by calling them at 020-3137-9937.
The Compelling Neighbourhood of Bloomsbury

There is a reason why Bloomsbury is a popular choice. And that is because anything that you ever heard of saw about London, is either in Bloomsbury, or exists in its near vicinity. As you are staying near Bedford place and walking down the quiet, sophisticated lanes of Bloomsbury, you might want to hang out at its various neighbours, and derive a creamy experience. Let us now discuss the 3 major neighbourhoods that are a must for any Bloomsbury visitor.

1. Westminster

You need to visit Westminster in order to prove to your friends and family that you have actually been to London. Seriously, no London trip is over without a selfie showing London or Palace of Westminster in the background. Besides, the popular hub of every social and cultural activity, Trafalgar Square is also located in the City of Westminster. This Bloomsbury neighbourhood also flaunts several other popular locations, such as, SEA LIFE London Aquarium, Westminster Abbey, Buckingham Palace and the Big Ben. Spare a few hours for visiting this place, and gather memorable memories from your retreat to the Capital.

2. West End

Fashion, theatre, shopping, food and drinks – if any of these words have a special place in your heart, you have got to visit the West End neighbourhood of Bloomsbury at least once. Whether you wish to shop at the epic shopping destinations – the Regent Street, Bond Street and Oxford Street, or catch up a later afternoon show at the Theatres, this is the best destination for you. Besides, there is always something or the other happening at the Leicester Square or Covent Garden, and hence your visit to West End is going to be nothing less than mind-boggling! 

3. Soho

Perched artistically between West End and Westminster, is our much adored London destination, Soho.  If at any point of your stay, you wish to up the thrill quotient a bit, visiting London’s dark underbelly, Soho, is a must! Offering you the best of sleaze, glamour, celebrities-craving-anonymity, sexual liberties, razzmatazz and nightlife, Soho is where the actual fun is! Besides, when we say nightlife, we actually mean it – with the largest collection of bars, pubs, gastro-pubs and more, Soho really knows how to party like a rock-star! If, for a night or more, you feel like being more adventurous and turn up the heat, do visit the Soho district which is right down the corner from the Bloomsbury Square.

And Finally, Get Up Now! Bloomsbury Awaits your Arrival!

So now, you have all the information that you need, and are in the position to travel safely and smartly from Oxford to London. Besides, you also have a clearly defined idea of the things to do and different places to hangout in Bloomsbury. We, at Londonhotels4u.com, sincerely hope that the information provided here would aid you in making the perfect travel choice. If you have got any further queries, or opinions to share, feel free to drop them in the comments section below. Wishing for your safe and captivating stay, we shall bid you adieus now!

Top 4 London Hotels to Enjoy Awesome Alfresco Dining

It is that sweet time in London, where everyone is prompted to step out in the cottons and khakis, and enjoy the pleasant sun. Hence it hardly comes as a surprise when we see various hotels and establishments organizing alfresco activities in London. One of our previous posts featured the top 5 most enthralling alfresco theatres in London, and today, we shall discuss about various hotels that provide an exquisite open summer air experience to various London tourists and locals alike. If you are curious about some of these hotels, please read ahead and plan an enchanting London summer date with your special someone.  

1.    Sky Bar, the Grange St. Paul’s Hotel

Sky Bar Rooftop Bar in Grange St Paul

Redefining the luxury and class of rooftop dining and barbecuing, is the Sky Bar of Grange St. Paul’s Hotel. Parched impeccably in the heart of the city, the Sky Bar offers stellar glances of the St. Paul’s Cathedral. Whether you wish to catch up a show at the West End theatres, or seal that deal in the square mile, you can always hop on to this exquisite alfresco bar for a drink or two. With its stylish interiors, the bar is the perfect place for you to spend a silent evening, or organize a drinks reception, product launch or summer party. For enjoying refreshing and luxurious times, do book your date with the Sky Bar at the Grange St. Paul’s.

2.    The Garden Grill, The Montague on the Gardens

The Garden at the Montague on the Gardens

The Montague on the Gardens has two most popular features – the Garden Grill and the Terrace. Situated in a peaceful location in London’s Bloomsbury, the Garden Grill offers one of the most beautiful and enchanting open air spaces in the heart of the capital city. The place resumes its characteristic shade of life and charisma during the summer time, serving the best of mouth-watering dishes and special barbecue items. The rising aroma of the scintillating grill and barbecue is best complemented by the awe-inspiring views of sculptures of the Bedford Estate. The Garden Grill serves a delectable range of breakfast, lunches, traditional afternoon teas and dinner options, along with a select milkshake and BBQ menu. The place also organizes specialized summer theme parties. So, make the most of your summer time in London by spending a laidback time in the Garden grill, the Montague on the Gardens.

3.    Spectrum Bar and Café at Park Plaza County Hall Hotel

Spectrum Bar in Park Plaza County Hall Hotel

London visitors and local crowd can also enjoy an alfresco eating experience at the Spectrum Bar and Café located in the Country Hall Park Plaza Hotel. The outdoor café has an interesting mix of glass fronts and tables to bask in the glory of daylight and offer a delightful dining experience. The hotel serves a scrumptious morning breakfast, coffee and lunchtime snacks during most parts of the day and an after-work, a Cocktail Special to reaffirm the spirits of the worn out business crowd. Located at a key Waterloo London location, the hotel can be easily reached via popular means of transport. Thus, spend time at the Spectrum Bar and Café at the Park Place County Hall, and enjoy the best of Waterloo and alfresco experience.

4.    City Café at Double Tree by Hilton

City Cafe at DoubleTree by Hilton

The City Café of the Double Tree by Hilton Hotel also provides an excellent alfresco dining experience. The nicely stocked cocktail bar offers refreshing drinks and delicious desserts. The hotel overlooks key London attractions like Tate Britain, Westminster Abbey and the Houses of Parliament. Unwind at the City Café at DoubleTree, and enjoy London summers to the fullest.

This was our collection of the best hotels with alfresco dining in London. For your comfortable stay in London, you may book your stay in these hotels, and also calm your senses at the alfresco locations with heart-warming London views. Please let us know what you thought of these selections, and share with us your personal experiences at these hotels in the comments section below. We shall be waiting to hear from you. Until then, adieus!

Five Eccentric Experiences Await in London City

"WHEN a man is tired of London, he is tired of life,” the quotation was written by Samuel Johnson in 1777, and nothing has changed much in London. Even today, the capital has the power to inspire and excite. With plenty of fun attractions and great entertainment options within walking distance of each other, you’ll have no trouble enjoying the unique and quirky experiences in London. Although London Eye, Buckingham Palace, and British Museum are worth your buck, and must be included in your bucket list, but here are some of the eccentric experiences that can be added to your travel holiday to make it a bit more quirky.

Enjoy the Exhilarating Feeling of Piloting a Helicopter

It’s crazy to think that you can enjoy the elating feeling of piloting a helicopter in London city. Just after a quick briefing with your private instructor, you are able to take pleasure in a flight experience that will offer you the insight that you need for flying. This exhilarating experience can be yours at merely £99.00, and is a great introduction to flying light aircraft. If you want to take this aircraft ride, make sure you book your date well in advance at Biggin Hill.

Stay at Hampton Court Palace

Hampton Palace London

Want to live like a King or Queen? Then, you can book your stay at this royal palace. Although any royal member has not occupied the palace since the 18th century, an independent charity of Historic Royal Palaces still administers the same. Favourite of King Henry VIII, Hampton Court Palace now accommodates two Landmark Trust leasing estates. Fish Court, a living accommodation tucked beside Tudor kitchens, once accommodated by the Officers of the Pastry. The other, The Georgian House, was originally built as a Kitchen for Prince of Wales. But later, it became two houses with a private walled garden and handsome rooms. The accommodations at this palace are expensive in light of their royal facilities, but you can also book a budget stay in London.

Make Yourself a Martini in James Bond Style

A pilgrimage spot for James Bond fans, Dukes Bar in St James’s is said to be the inspiration for the classic line, ’shaken, not stirred’. This is the bar, where the author Ian Fleming coined the well-known phrase “shaken, not stirred” for his 007 British Secret Service agent. A martini should not intend to be shaken in a drink mixer – doing so would create it a dark cocktail, full of broken ice. But, this secret agent can do anything and ask for ’shaken not stirred’ martini. At this bar, you will have a chance to mix your own martini under the expert supervision. The martinis are strong and the bar won’t generally serve more than two martinis to every boozer.

Play off excess energy at Bramley’s Big Adventure

If you are visiting London with kids, then this adventure playground is a must-visit. Bramley is an exciting indoor adventure for children, from babies up to 11 years old. Located in a large building under the Westway flyover, it boasts a huge 3 level play frame with slides, ball pools, and swings.

Meet the Penguins at London Zoo

Penguins in London Zoo

When the clock strikes 13.50pm, visitors at London Zoo take place within the allotted area to meet the penguins. The area features a big pool with dramatic viewing areas so you can check out how our submerged friends fly under water. It also features daily feeds where spectators can look at the birds diving for their food. “Similar to a lot of sea animals, penguins are quite food-lovers,” Gerald says, but they’re sociable creatures, as well.”
Of course, it can turn out to be confusing for you to find out unique experiences to try in London without having deep insight into the city. But, by considering these things, you can make your itinerary a little bit different than others.

8 Reasons you should Book a B&B in London

London is definitely an interesting place to visit. If you have finally decided to take stock of your time and resources and pay the land of Angels (technically, that’s England, but still, London is the capital for a reason, right?), we have got some rather exciting titbits of information to share with you. Now, London has a reputation of its own, when it comes to luxury and opulence. If you are bored of checking into one hotel after another, you should consider this out-of-the-ordinary way to spend your time in London. Instead of checking into a luxurious hotel, why not book your stay with a B&B joint. The Bed and Breakfast accommodations are becoming quite popular with the wanderlust travellers, who are always looking for a new and enriching experience. If you are intrigued already, please continue reading to discover more about B&B stay options, and the perks of opting for the same.

What exactly is a B&B accommodation?

 If it is the itinerary that you are most concerned about in London, and would like to spend more on exploring the city than on staying here, B&B is an amazing opportunity for you. The Bed and Breakfast lodging is a nice break from the traditional stay in hotels. Unlike the hotels, these lodgings are typically located in restored versions of old houses or mansions and offer the quintessential feel of houses in London. The decor is a warm reminiscence of the era gone by, and offers cosy comforts. Let us begin by counting 8 of the many benefits of B&B accommodations.

Many Lucrative Features of B&B!

1. Free Breakfast:

Well, obviously, as per the name goes, this one is a no brainer. But if you have travelled a lot in your life, you’d understand the value of a good hearty meal to begin your day with. Breakfast is free at these accommodations and often includes the best of All English Breakfast. The food is completely irresistible and mouth-watering, and fills you enough to keep you going all day long.

2. They are Quiet and Peaceful:

Unlike the hotels, which are always brimming with one activity or the other, B&B are quite peaceful. They mostly cater to couples or groups of fellow travellers that are often resigned to their own rooms. Hence, you get to enjoy supreme peace and quiet at these locations, without getting distracted. The lodgings are perfect for couples who are looking to further strengthen their romance.

3. Luxuries Guaranteed:

Just because you are staying in a B&B and not a luxurious hotel, doesn’t mean you have to give up on a luxurious stay. Often times, the luxuries and the personalized hospitality that you experience at these accommodations will totally win your heart. Once staying here, you can easily expect to find bed linens and bathrobes in your room. Also on the list are locally roosted coffee beans, organic good and a lot more. Besides, you can also enjoy free phone calls, internet connection and other basic amenities. The place will never fail to excite you, should you choose to stay here.

4. Much Safer:

As discussed above, since the guests here are quite few, there is better safety of the belongings. As compared to a regular hotel staff, the B&B owners are able to keep a much better check at the property.

5. Enjoy the Delectable Local Lifestyle:

With B&B, there is no air of pretences and lukewarm formality. The travellers here actually get to enjoy the real taste of British behaviour and hospitality. The accommodations have a personality of their own, especially the ones maintained by their owners, and hence offers a characteristically distinct experience.

6. Travellers Get to Enjoy Extra Activities:

If you do not have a strict plan of your own, and don’t mind going with the flow, you can find a lot of amusing alternatives at these lodgings. Most of these B&B offers various fun and adventurous activities like canoeing, hiking, biking, skiing, and golfing etc. And if they are not offering, they would perhaps get it arranged for you.

7. Services Here are More Personalized:

B&B are traditionally owned by families, who are willing to let out the space to earn a few extra bucks. These families are often very hospitable and give a personalized touch to the services. You can easily expect expert tips on safe travel around London and even more. And since the number of guests are reduced to mere handful, they are much more willing to walk the extra mile in providing the perfect services.

8. Stay near Interesting Places and Connect with Fellow Explorers:

Usually, these accommodations are located at off-beaten tracks, or closer to significant establishments and structures. Either ways, you get nice opportunities to connect with fellow travellers, who probably share your passion for exploring. And isn’t it always fun to find relatable company?

Okay! I am sold, but where do I find these B&B locations now?

Oh well, since you want to book a Bed and Breakfast accommodation now, the rest is fairly simple. A random search around the internet would put you across many such options. But while you are here, why not search for a B&B accommodation at Londonhotels4u.com? We have painstakingly enlisted the best of accommodations in London, and you can easily find your preferred ones here.

Thus, go ahead, explore. And if you wish to experience a truly different side of London, consider booking yourself a B&B!

Addicted to Golf? A Quick Guide to London’s Best Courses

London may not have the reputation of Las Vegas, California, or Bandon, but if you are in the mood to play golf, the city can oblige you with legendary golf courses. Blessed with challenging links layouts and lush greenery, these golf courses promise you to make your golfing experience an enjoyable one. However, picking the best golf course to play on your London holiday might be a little tricky. So, here are some of the famous golf courses that will certainly whet your appetite for golf in London.

Golf Courses in London

Dukes Meadows Golf Club

Dukes Meadows Golf Club, just adjacent to Chiswick Bridge, is a golf course that is popular for its flawless condition and world-class facilities. This sport venue is graced by a 50-bay floodlit driving range and a 6 hole course ideal for training and beginners. It is London’s only golf course that boasts a 9-hole par 3 course with USGA specification for green construction. This facility allows you to enjoy the professional game practice in a dedicated, secluded area. To bring a real pleasure to your golfing experience, the club has an amazing bar within the premises.

Address: Dukes Meadows, Dan Mason Drive, London W4 2SH Main Draw: Open 7 days a week

Nearby Underground: Stamford Brook Tube Station

Where to Stay: If you want to add this golf course to your bucket list, then the best way is to book your stay near Stamford Brook Tube Station.

Richmond Park Public Golf Course

There’s something about this royal park that you will surely admire—is its pay-and-play facility. You don’t need a membership to play a golf session on the two beautifully preserved 18-hole courses. Golf equipment, shoes, buggies, and a driving range all are available within the premises to make your golfing break a great experience. The park covers an area of 2500 acres and is popular for its red and fallow deer which walk freely. All these things make it an excellent location for all the family and a perfect venue to play golf. Besides, Nineteen Bar & Kitchen is located in the middle of Richmond Park and is perfect spot to take pleasure in a special family meal.

Address: Roehampton Gate, Priory Lane, SW15 5JR

Nearby Underground: Richmond Tube Station

Where to Stay: If you want to play golf at London’s largest Royal Park, then you can book your accommodation near Richmond tube station.

Palewell Pitch & Putt Golf Course

Considered one of the ideal courses to play in London, Palewell Pitch & Putt Golf Course features a course of nine holes that is averaging 90 yards in length. Located in the parkland next to Richmond Park, this golf course is perfect for serious beginners who want to enjoy the peaceful green golf ground. Though it’s always busy, but you don’t need to make bookings in advance unless you’re in a group of eight or more.

Address: Palewell Common Drive, East Sheen, SW14 8RE

Best Thing: Some golfers prefer to wear a golf shirt and dress pants, but it is permissible to wear casuals to enjoy a game at this golf course.

Where to Stay: As the venue is just adjacent to Richmond Park, so you can book your stay near Richmond Tube Station.

If enjoying a golf game in the beautiful countryside is in your mind while you stay in the London city, then make sure to visit any of these golf courses. These places will surely satisfy your appetite for golf.
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