Five Eccentric Experiences Await in London City

"WHEN a man is tired of London, he is tired of life,” the quotation was written by Samuel Johnson in 1777, and nothing has changed much in London. Even today, the capital has the power to inspire and excite. With plenty of fun attractions and great entertainment options within walking distance of each other, you’ll have no trouble enjoying the unique and quirky experiences in London. Although London Eye, Buckingham Palace, and British Museum are worth your buck, and must be included in your bucket list, but here are some of the eccentric experiences that can be added to your travel holiday to make it a bit more quirky.

Enjoy the Exhilarating Feeling of Piloting a Helicopter

It’s crazy to think that you can enjoy the elating feeling of piloting a helicopter in London city. Just after a quick briefing with your private instructor, you are able to take pleasure in a flight experience that will offer you the insight that you need for flying. This exhilarating experience can be yours at merely £99.00, and is a great introduction to flying light aircraft. If you want to take this aircraft ride, make sure you book your date well in advance at Biggin Hill.

Stay at Hampton Court Palace

Hampton Palace London

Want to live like a King or Queen? Then, you can book your stay at this royal palace. Although any royal member has not occupied the palace since the 18th century, an independent charity of Historic Royal Palaces still administers the same. Favourite of King Henry VIII, Hampton Court Palace now accommodates two Landmark Trust leasing estates. Fish Court, a living accommodation tucked beside Tudor kitchens, once accommodated by the Officers of the Pastry. The other, The Georgian House, was originally built as a Kitchen for Prince of Wales. But later, it became two houses with a private walled garden and handsome rooms. The accommodations at this palace are expensive in light of their royal facilities, but you can also book a budget stay in London.

Make Yourself a Martini in James Bond Style

A pilgrimage spot for James Bond fans, Dukes Bar in St James’s is said to be the inspiration for the classic line, ’shaken, not stirred’. This is the bar, where the author Ian Fleming coined the well-known phrase “shaken, not stirred” for his 007 British Secret Service agent. A martini should not intend to be shaken in a drink mixer – doing so would create it a dark cocktail, full of broken ice. But, this secret agent can do anything and ask for ’shaken not stirred’ martini. At this bar, you will have a chance to mix your own martini under the expert supervision. The martinis are strong and the bar won’t generally serve more than two martinis to every boozer.

Play off excess energy at Bramley’s Big Adventure

If you are visiting London with kids, then this adventure playground is a must-visit. Bramley is an exciting indoor adventure for children, from babies up to 11 years old. Located in a large building under the Westway flyover, it boasts a huge 3 level play frame with slides, ball pools, and swings.

Meet the Penguins at London Zoo

Penguins in London Zoo

When the clock strikes 13.50pm, visitors at London Zoo take place within the allotted area to meet the penguins. The area features a big pool with dramatic viewing areas so you can check out how our submerged friends fly under water. It also features daily feeds where spectators can look at the birds diving for their food. “Similar to a lot of sea animals, penguins are quite food-lovers,” Gerald says, but they’re sociable creatures, as well.”
Of course, it can turn out to be confusing for you to find out unique experiences to try in London without having deep insight into the city. But, by considering these things, you can make your itinerary a little bit different than others.

8 Reasons you should Book a B&B in London

London is definitely an interesting place to visit. If you have finally decided to take stock of your time and resources and pay the land of Angels (technically, that’s England, but still, London is the capital for a reason, right?), we have got some rather exciting titbits of information to share with you. Now, London has a reputation of its own, when it comes to luxury and opulence. If you are bored of checking into one hotel after another, you should consider this out-of-the-ordinary way to spend your time in London. Instead of checking into a luxurious hotel, why not book your stay with a B&B joint. The Bed and Breakfast accommodations are becoming quite popular with the wanderlust travellers, who are always looking for a new and enriching experience. If you are intrigued already, please continue reading to discover more about B&B stay options, and the perks of opting for the same.

What exactly is a B&B accommodation?

 If it is the itinerary that you are most concerned about in London, and would like to spend more on exploring the city than on staying here, B&B is an amazing opportunity for you. The Bed and Breakfast lodging is a nice break from the traditional stay in hotels. Unlike the hotels, these lodgings are typically located in restored versions of old houses or mansions and offer the quintessential feel of houses in London. The decor is a warm reminiscence of the era gone by, and offers cosy comforts. Let us begin by counting 8 of the many benefits of B&B accommodations.

Many Lucrative Features of B&B!

1. Free Breakfast:

Well, obviously, as per the name goes, this one is a no brainer. But if you have travelled a lot in your life, you’d understand the value of a good hearty meal to begin your day with. Breakfast is free at these accommodations and often includes the best of All English Breakfast. The food is completely irresistible and mouth-watering, and fills you enough to keep you going all day long.

2. They are Quiet and Peaceful:

Unlike the hotels, which are always brimming with one activity or the other, B&B are quite peaceful. They mostly cater to couples or groups of fellow travellers that are often resigned to their own rooms. Hence, you get to enjoy supreme peace and quiet at these locations, without getting distracted. The lodgings are perfect for couples who are looking to further strengthen their romance.

3. Luxuries Guaranteed:

Just because you are staying in a B&B and not a luxurious hotel, doesn’t mean you have to give up on a luxurious stay. Often times, the luxuries and the personalized hospitality that you experience at these accommodations will totally win your heart. Once staying here, you can easily expect to find bed linens and bathrobes in your room. Also on the list are locally roosted coffee beans, organic good and a lot more. Besides, you can also enjoy free phone calls, internet connection and other basic amenities. The place will never fail to excite you, should you choose to stay here.

4. Much Safer:

As discussed above, since the guests here are quite few, there is better safety of the belongings. As compared to a regular hotel staff, the B&B owners are able to keep a much better check at the property.

5. Enjoy the Delectable Local Lifestyle:

With B&B, there is no air of pretences and lukewarm formality. The travellers here actually get to enjoy the real taste of British behaviour and hospitality. The accommodations have a personality of their own, especially the ones maintained by their owners, and hence offers a characteristically distinct experience.

6. Travellers Get to Enjoy Extra Activities:

If you do not have a strict plan of your own, and don’t mind going with the flow, you can find a lot of amusing alternatives at these lodgings. Most of these B&B offers various fun and adventurous activities like canoeing, hiking, biking, skiing, and golfing etc. And if they are not offering, they would perhaps get it arranged for you.

7. Services Here are More Personalized:

B&B are traditionally owned by families, who are willing to let out the space to earn a few extra bucks. These families are often very hospitable and give a personalized touch to the services. You can easily expect expert tips on safe travel around London and even more. And since the number of guests are reduced to mere handful, they are much more willing to walk the extra mile in providing the perfect services.

8. Stay near Interesting Places and Connect with Fellow Explorers:

Usually, these accommodations are located at off-beaten tracks, or closer to significant establishments and structures. Either ways, you get nice opportunities to connect with fellow travellers, who probably share your passion for exploring. And isn’t it always fun to find relatable company?

Okay! I am sold, but where do I find these B&B locations now?

Oh well, since you want to book a Bed and Breakfast accommodation now, the rest is fairly simple. A random search around the internet would put you across many such options. But while you are here, why not search for a B&B accommodation at We have painstakingly enlisted the best of accommodations in London, and you can easily find your preferred ones here.

Thus, go ahead, explore. And if you wish to experience a truly different side of London, consider booking yourself a B&B!

Addicted to Golf? A Quick Guide to London’s Best Courses

London may not have the reputation of Las Vegas, California, or Bandon, but if you are in the mood to play golf, the city can oblige you with legendary golf courses. Blessed with challenging links layouts and lush greenery, these golf courses promise you to make your golfing experience an enjoyable one. However, picking the best golf course to play on your London holiday might be a little tricky. So, here are some of the famous golf courses that will certainly whet your appetite for golf in London.

Golf Courses in London

Dukes Meadows Golf Club

Dukes Meadows Golf Club, just adjacent to Chiswick Bridge, is a golf course that is popular for its flawless condition and world-class facilities. This sport venue is graced by a 50-bay floodlit driving range and a 6 hole course ideal for training and beginners. It is London’s only golf course that boasts a 9-hole par 3 course with USGA specification for green construction. This facility allows you to enjoy the professional game practice in a dedicated, secluded area. To bring a real pleasure to your golfing experience, the club has an amazing bar within the premises.

Address: Dukes Meadows, Dan Mason Drive, London W4 2SH Main Draw: Open 7 days a week

Nearby Underground: Stamford Brook Tube Station

Where to Stay: If you want to add this golf course to your bucket list, then the best way is to book your stay near Stamford Brook Tube Station.

Richmond Park Public Golf Course

There’s something about this royal park that you will surely admire—is its pay-and-play facility. You don’t need a membership to play a golf session on the two beautifully preserved 18-hole courses. Golf equipment, shoes, buggies, and a driving range all are available within the premises to make your golfing break a great experience. The park covers an area of 2500 acres and is popular for its red and fallow deer which walk freely. All these things make it an excellent location for all the family and a perfect venue to play golf. Besides, Nineteen Bar & Kitchen is located in the middle of Richmond Park and is perfect spot to take pleasure in a special family meal.

Address: Roehampton Gate, Priory Lane, SW15 5JR

Nearby Underground: Richmond Tube Station

Where to Stay: If you want to play golf at London’s largest Royal Park, then you can book your accommodation near Richmond tube station.

Palewell Pitch & Putt Golf Course

Considered one of the ideal courses to play in London, Palewell Pitch & Putt Golf Course features a course of nine holes that is averaging 90 yards in length. Located in the parkland next to Richmond Park, this golf course is perfect for serious beginners who want to enjoy the peaceful green golf ground. Though it’s always busy, but you don’t need to make bookings in advance unless you’re in a group of eight or more.

Address: Palewell Common Drive, East Sheen, SW14 8RE

Best Thing: Some golfers prefer to wear a golf shirt and dress pants, but it is permissible to wear casuals to enjoy a game at this golf course.

Where to Stay: As the venue is just adjacent to Richmond Park, so you can book your stay near Richmond Tube Station.

If enjoying a golf game in the beautiful countryside is in your mind while you stay in the London city, then make sure to visit any of these golf courses. These places will surely satisfy your appetite for golf.

A Peek into Intriguing and Exciting Life of Shoreditch

Welcome to the land of murals, maverick artists and ceaseless merrymaking; welcome to Shoreditch! The place that once held (and possibly inspired) the creative genius of Shakespeare, right now offers one of the most artistically stimulating and intriguing experience in London. Being the former grim and shady industrial warehouse of the richer neighbourhoods, Shoreditch has survivedcultural snobbery, increasing crimes, and the Blitz attack, to now emerge as an artsy and invigorating area of London. Today, we intend to celebrate the grit and the resilience of this place and discuss what makes it one of the most visited spots in London.

shoreditch street art

Shoreditch: From Rummages to its Resurrection

For a very long time, like an ideal fly on the wall, Shoreditch had only observed the financial growth and development of its neighbourhood, the City of London. To the people of London, Shoreditch has almost always been the “other side” of the City. In the 19th century, this place was a centre for various furniture and textile industries, while providing cheaper lodgings to the aspiring artists. Eventually, the creative minds and the artists of this place moved to the other more affluent and sophisticated parts of the capital. Thereafter, the crime scene of the area shot up, giving it a rather notorious reputation. Eventually, the area was severely rummaged in The Blitz Attack by the Germans during the Second World War.

Although the redevelopment work began after the war was settled, it wasn’t until the 1990s that the place actually reappeared in its full strength. The late 1990s saw the resurrection of the place when several artists, musicians and other creative mavericks choose to return and rekindle the lost Victorian charm of the place. Soon, the reputation of Shoreditch grew to be that of one of the most progressive and thought-provoking parts of the capital, simultaneously redefining its own culture and reclaiming its existence on the map of the world.

Shoreditch Today: Intriguing, Abstract, Beautiful!

The erstwhile impoverished community of Shoreditch reinstated itself brick by brick. The old warehouses and textile industries were then transformed into art galleries, cafes and pubs, and the street walls became the muse of Banksy, giving this place a complete (and might we add?) magnificent makeover!

Today, the area attracts the highest number of designers, artists, painters and musicians, flaunting its dynamic artistic lifestyle and a vivid nightlife. The presence of various forward-thinking artists, like Tracey Emin, Henry Hate, and Damien Hirst etc and the influence of the Pakistani and Bangladeshi communities near the Brick Lane, has given the place its own unique culture and flavour. Although originally being famous as “the place where Shakespeare wrote and performed his various plays,” and “the low costing neighbourhood of the city,” Shoreditch definitely isn’t that inexpensive now. With its new found popularity and cult fan-following, the prices have obviously shot up. But if you know the right way to look, you’d be surprised to find some best priced accommodations in Shoreditch.

Shoreditch Nightlife

Nightlife, Culture and More!

Often being touted as the Eden Gardens of the hipster and nomadic people, Shoreditch sees the maximum activity of the media professionals, students of art and design, and other forward thinkers and mural art and graffiti lovers. It does not come as a surprise when the place holds captivating art galleries. The Electric Blue, Stolen Space, Whitechapel, F-Art, Supernice, are some of the many art galleries that you should check out in Shoreditch, other than of course it mural walls.

The brick lane carries a lot of imprints of the Pakistani and Bangladeshi community, encompassing mosques, and shops serving exotic traditional curries. The Brick Lane also has a lot to offer to the fashion-conscious shopping enthusiasts. From Hoxton Finn haircuts to retro looks, to East End fashion and designer skinny jeans, the Brick Lane is never the one to disappoint anyone who is looking for an out-of-the-box experience around Shoreditch.

And once the shopping is done, you can spend your evening sipping an exotic blend of delectable coffee in various trendy cafes of this place. The late evenings can be spent in the numerous edgy bars, lounges, night spots and awe-inspiring underground music joints. The Book Club, XOYO, and Club Aquarium are some of the many ravishing and crowd-fetching nightclubs in this area.

P.S. Shoreditch Awaits Your Arrival!

Save a few days of your London journey, to experience the true human creativity and genius that is comprised in every street and lane of this place. From connecting with the passionate creative minds, to deciphering an intriguing cultural melange to enjoying the best of London’s nightlife, Shoreditch offers the best of it all. Take a tube to the Old Street or Liverpool Street, or hop on to any bus ride and book your date with the place that never fails to fascinate. 

London Calling: Yet another Reason to be in the British Capital This Holiday Season

True to its reflection of being the most loved city in the world, London now moves on to become the most visited place too.

A recent study projects that London will be the most frequented city in 2014. As per the Mastercard Global Destination Cities Index, the British capital is likely to welcome 18.7 million international tourists by the end of this year. This means Bangkok, which was world’s most popular city in terms of international visitors in 2013, will soon slip down to the second position. The index is currently in its fourth year and counts the opinion of the visitors who spend at least one night in 132 cities across the world.

Well, it seems we are not the only ones in awe with London – another 18.7 million fans also belong to the same league! But what makes London so endearing? We have our very own reasons listed below.

7. It’s Fashionably Edgy

The fashion quotient in London is always boiling up. But if you are looking for quirky trends at the Kings Cross or the Cranaby Street, you are knocking the wrong door. The best place to browse street style fashion is the Sunday Up Market on the Brick Lane. It showcases the hottest fashion items from upcoming designers, costume jewellery and vintage stuff. If fashion is what brings you to this runway city, a visit to this marketplace can be promising.

Sunday Up Market

6. The Dead are Equally Important Here

No freaking out! Unlike most tourist cities, London is home to the famous souls and fictional ghosts of likes of Oliver Twist, Shakespeare, Dickens, Sherlock Holmes and Samuel Pepys. Wish to see them in person? You can visit the Poet’s Corner at Westminster Abbey. The who’s who of British Literature lay in peace here.

5. Hopping Around in the City is Cheap – Literally...

Travelling from one place to another within the city wouldn’t burn a hole in your pocket. The tubes, the buses and the trains, everything is priced wisely. And if you have the mighty Oyster Card with you, nothing can stop you from saving big bucks.

4. And then there is the Mayor’s Bike

Not interested in the tubes or buses? Rent a bike to take on the town. London has an official bike sharing programme called the Barclays Cycle Hire Scheme. But since it is a brainchild of Mayor Boris Johnson, it’s lovingly called ‘Boris Bikes’. Take your bike and ride on to explore wonders like the Big Ben, the London Eye and the Buckingham Palace. London is quite a bike-friendly city.

3. It has got Views that Thrill

Go to the London Eye, and you know exactly what do we mean. As you enter the Millennium Wheel, the world literally comes down to the feet. 135 meters above the ground, you get 360 degree panoramic views of the entire city. You can see up to 40 KM, standing at one place. It’s more than thrilling, we guess.

London Eye View

2. Just the Right Place for Choco-addicts

No kidding! If you are looking for a real chocolate experience exclusively designed for adults, London is the place to be. The city is home to various chocolate boutiques, where you can find an assortment of chocolates. These include bars, handmade chocolates, delectable biscuits and a lot more. It’s a mouth-watering affair.

1. And You Needn’t Starve for Art Either

Hungry for some contemporary art? London won’t disappoint you. Enter the great Tate Modern. You will get the best of international modern art here, alluring you more than any other view in the city. The gallery holds contemporary art works dating from 1900 until today. A must-visit for art enthusiasts.

Tate Modern

You can’t find reasons enough to love the capital city of Britain. Here are some more grounds to declare London as your favourite city Top 20 Reasons to Visit London on a Holiday.

This is why we love London - feel free to drop your reasons to adore London in the comment box below.

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