Top 4 London Hotels to Enjoy Awesome Alfresco Dining

It is that sweet time in London, where everyone is prompted to step out in the cottons and khakis, and enjoy the pleasant sun. Hence it hardly comes as a surprise when we see various hotels and establishments organizing alfresco activities in London. One of our previous posts featured the top 5 most enthralling alfresco theatres in London, and today, we shall discuss about various hotels that provide an exquisite open summer air experience to various London tourists and locals alike. If you are curious about some of these hotels, please read ahead and plan an enchanting London summer date with your special someone.
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Five Eccentric Experiences Await in London City

"WHEN a man is tired of London, he is tired of life,” the quotation was written by Samuel Johnson in 1777, and nothing has changed much in London. Even today, the capital has the power to inspire and excite. With plenty of fun attractions and great entertainment options within walking distance of each other, you’ll have no trouble enjoying the unique and quirky experiences in London. Although London Eye, Buckingham Palace, and British Museum are worth your buck, and must be included in your bucket list, but here are some of the eccentric experiences that can be added to your travel holiday to make it a bit more quirky.Read More»

8 Reasons you should Book a B&B in London

London is definitely an interesting place to visit. If you have finally decided to take stock of your time and resources and pay the land of Angels (technically, that’s England, but still, London is the capital for a reason, right?), we have got some rather exciting titbits of information to share with you. Now, London has a reputation of its own, when it comes to luxury and opulence. If you are bored of checking into one hotel after another, you should consider this out-of-the-ordinary way to spend your time in London. Instead of checking into a luxurious hotel, why not book your stay with a B&B joint. The Bed and Breakfast accommodations are becoming quite popular with the wanderlust travellers, who are always looking for a new and enriching experience. If you are intrigued already, please continue reading to discover more about B&B stay options, and the perks of opting for the same.Read More»

Addicted to Golf? A Quick Guide to London’s Best Courses

London may not have the reputation of Las Vegas, California, or Bandon, but if you are in the mood to play golf, the city can oblige you with legendary golf courses. Blessed with challenging links layouts and lush greenery, these golf courses promise you to make your golfing experience an enjoyable one. However, picking the best golf course to play on your London holiday might be a little tricky. So, here are some of the famous golf courses that will certainly whet your appetite for golf in London.Read More»
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