Why You Need To Be At The London Fireworks Festival 2014?

Come autumn and events galore in the festive bouquet of London. We are hardly done celebrating Diwali Celebrations (Belated Happy Diwali, by the way), especially in the Leicester City of England, that it is almost time for the Halloweens. And as you get ready to put your freak on and go “Trick or Treating” this Halloween in London, we have another spectacular event lined up for you.Read More»

You DO NOT Want to Visit the City of London Without Reading THIS Guide!

London is one of those rare cities in the world that has struck the right balance between development and culture. And if you are intrigued by either of the three – London’s rich culture, London’s progress, or just London for that matter, there is one small area that encompasses the cream of it all. Welcome to the City of London – one of those rare places that seems to just have it all!Read More»
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