5 Types of London Hotels You Should Know About

Are you planning your next leisure or business trip to London? If yes, then don’t just plan your trip simply at any usual hotel. It is always better to be well versed with the styles of hotels making appearance on the circle.

For the next array of your precious minutes, we are going to take you on a tour to different type of hotels sited right in the heart of London.

Family Hotels

London Family Hotels

If you are travelling with kids, family hotels are the best option for you, providing your family with a cosy and considerate stay along with entertainment. These hotels are equipped with special services to cater families with an experience of home away from home. And, these are inclusive of cots, connecting rooms and babysitting services enabling you to have some special moments with your love.

The Grange City Hotel provides some of the finest services for kids together with games, entertainment and other activities. Alternatively, you can also opt for Astor Court Hotel, a 3-star hotel providing babysitting facilities and a lot more.

Bed & Breakfast Hotels

London Bed & Breakfast Hotels

If you wish to opt for a calm, safe and peaceful stay in the city, we will say a Bed & Breakfast hotel is the best. For London visitors, who plan to explore the city to the fullest, these lodgings provide an amazing option. Enjoy a scrumptious All English or Continental breakfast, and come back home to comfortable beddings, by booking any of these B&B hotels. Located close to tube stations and other iconic landmarks, most of the B&B hotels ensure easy access to distinct destinations with awesome holiday experience and easy accommodation. You can always browse through the compelling stay that Chiswick Court Hotel furnishes to its guests. Besides, Seven Dials B&B is another interesting option, providing an effortless stay near Leicester Square and Covent Garden, along with free internet access.

Boutique Hotels

London Boutique Hotels

No doubt, nowadays, it is a type of fashion statement to stay in a boutique hotel as it engulfs fashion in every corner of it together with superlative services by hotel staff. Suited for leisure and business trip, boutique hotels are good for one looking out for an affordable yet luxurious, stylish stay in London. Most of these boutique hotels are revamped ancient buildings of the Georgian and Victorian era, letting guest relive the golden charms. Portland Town House is a beautiful boutique hotel in London. Providing a blend of hospitality and business facilities, the hotel also accentuates on guest’s privacy and budget with other required services.

Apartment Hotels

London Apartment Hotels

Get yourself a toast of privacy, choosing from a wide range of apartment hotels with all facilities and amenities being offered in regard to make it appropriate for both leisure and business travellers.  Mostly located in central areas of the city, these hotels are best options for short and memorable stay in Britain. Access Apartment City is an interesting option for Apartment Hotels near Central London. Ranging from modern kitchen, bathrooms, dining area, washing machines and maid services, this apartment hotel offers the perfect stay that one may expect.

London Spa Hotels

London Spa Hotels

London is famous for Spa hotels, so if you plan for a relaxing, reinvigorating and peaceful holiday, choose from best of the bests. These hotels offer its guests a blissful stay and leave them with an aura of newness and energy for many days to come. It’s luxurious, peaceful and stylish yet fits your pocket. Grange Tower Bridge Hotel, a 5 star hotel with stellar views of St. Cathedral Church. A popular choice for many business travellers, the lavish hotel offers a unique spa, sauna and Hammam experience.

After knowing the range of stylish hotels present in the city of newness and entertainment, there are no two ways that you are surely going to book hotel to get the best out of your trip. In the same vein, Londonhotels4u.com gets you copious hotels present in London at just one click with an endeavour to get in each and every facility and amenity in service fitting your budget. Thus, sit back, open your tab and click on our site, book your choice of hotel and relax in style in London.

Your Guide Book to Not Annoying Locals When in London

Okay travellers! You might have noticed or not, but there are certain rules to travelling – and that goes much beyond packing your passport! When you are travelling in London (or any place else,) there are certain rules you have got to follow. That is, if you wouldn’t want to appear silly in a foreign land, and would really like to get along well with the locals.

We recently stumbled upon a video online – you know how the stuff goes when you are just surfing, right? So this interesting video, in very light humour briefs upon the stuff that tourists do in England, which really get on the nerves of the locals. Obviously, if you are planning on visiting the land of Shakespeare, the Bronte Sisters and of course, Austen, it might help for you to read this. Let us all be civil and friendly, and pay heed to the local culture while visiting London.

Visiting London: The Rule Book!

We do not mean to sound like Nazis, but if you follow through some of these below mentioned rules, you would have a pretty nice sailing in London. The thoughts are expressed in the video, and we believe belong to the people being interviewed. Just saying, please don’t sue us! We are just your friendly hotel booking partners, providing you with the rather fetching deals on your London stay! Anyway, here comes the rulebook:

1. The Rules while travelling in Train

Buying your Oyster card is one of the most memorable experience while visiting London, we know! When you actually hold that small rectangular plastic card in your hands, it’s a confirmation that you finally are in London now! However, as you commence upon your first memorable train ride in London tube or over ground, please be aware of this one rule!

When on the escalator, stand on the right side. That is because people would walk down the escalator on the Left side. And if somehow you just end up STANDING on the LEFT side, Londoners might just go all “THIS IS SPARTAAA!!!” on you. And obviously, you wouldn’t like that now, would you?

2. Please Don’t Stop! Just please, Keep Moving!

Well, you see, the frustration on the mate’s face is almost tangible. So don’t do that! Yeah, we know Oxford Street and Regent’s Street and Soho (wink wink) are pretty alluring places, and you would want to slow down and have your fill of the shops, but remember to always keep on moving. This holds true, even if you are just exploring the street art of Shoreditch. Ensure that you leave enough space for the crowd to walk by smoothly, even if you have to stop. And keep the polite “pardon me” handy, you might be requiring it more than once while out on the streets.

Another Expert Tip: While you are walking down the road, remember to keep on the right. The left side belongs to the traffic.

And yes, an Obvious Tip: One of the pleasantly appalled local advises tourists to NOT STOP IN THE MIDDLE OF THE ROAD. “Why would you do that in the first place?” she asks, while breaking into a laughter spree.

3. Do not go on a clicking spree!

Seriously! Just chill on the photos guys! One of the most annoying habits of the tourists is that they can just not stop clicking photos. Yeah, we know London is a fascinating place, and you are probably out on your own, and you absolutely want a selfie in the Westminster – because well, otherwise how would people know you are in the British capital?! However, if you feel comfortable, and would not want to come across a wannabe or a git, just control your urge for Selfie. And the video throws another expert trip from the locals, to help you tame that clicking binging.

Expert Tip: Dont take photos of literally everything. Just search Google images.

Besides, this would help with your not stopping in the middle sort of a thing.  

4. Know the correct pronunciation of Leicester Square and other stuff!

Leicester Square is one of the most mispronounced words in London. As this one local point out, certain words are said differently than they are said. The point is to get your pronunciation right. We often suggest friends to keep Merriam Webster readily available in their smart-phones, just to know the correct pronunciation and meaning of what you are saying. Besides, use Google if you aren’t sure.

P.S. No, Google is NOT paying us any sort of money for writing this post.  

5. Enough of “Oh is the Queen Home?”

While visiting Buckingham Palace, try not to ask the locals if the Queen is home. Even though she would love for you to visit the Royal Capital, it is a bit hard for her to make herself available each time you decide to drop by. Enjoy the Palace – it is quite exquisite! But the Queen might not be able to make. So, sorry for the disappointment mate!

Besides, you do not have to opt for the lunch and the afternoon tea in the Palace. That is, if you (ahem, your pocket,) does not feel like. You see, that is one of those fancy things that the rich Chelsea people do. The locals no better places to spend less and have more gratification! Hence, decide mate! Your money, your rules!

6. Know your British Dessert

Just as Carrie Bradshaw could tell, a lady was not from New York, owing to a little scrunchie she was wearing, locals have their way of identifying as well. British people eat Sticky Toffee Pudding. Tourists eat Sticky Toffee Pudding with ice-cream! Yeah, it is that easy to differentiate.

However, the same rule applies! Your Pudding, Your Rules! We are literally JUST Saying.

7. Try leaving OTT behind as you gear up for London

Yeah, we know it is exciting to be in London! And yes, we also find British Men total drool-worthy stuff! And of course that British Accent! We know what it does to people...what it does to us. But let’s just calm ourselves and keep our hormones under the generally acceptable levels.

Yes, you can still be over the top! Dress loudly, make all the Ninja moves while talking to someone over the call, go all like “yeah Yeah YEAH!!” as you call your chum back home. You are the ultimate decision maker here. But, like we said in the beginning, if you would like to mingle well with the local crowds; if you want to be friendly and welcoming and polite, these are some of the things you can start taking care of from now on.

For everything else, you can rely on us! Are you visiting London sometime soon? Would you like to stay in a Central London hotel? Or do you have your accommodation figured out? How interested are you in exploring some of the secret saver deals on a luxurious 5-star stay in London? Are you looking for some specific area guides? Is there any other information you require from us? Please feel free to contact us for anything you think we can assist you with. Happy London-ing to you!

P.S. Watch the much talked about video here:

Entertain Yourself For Free in London

Do you want to explore world-class museums, art galleries, and exquisite parks, all without splurging a penny? If yes, there are a lot of free incredible experiences to be had in London. You will discover free museums and cultural activities with no admission fee, and be spoilt for choice with a range of live entertainment venues. Here are some of the things where you can spend a fun-filled day out in London:

Outdoor Events
What’s the need of paying for pricey festivals and arena tours, when London’s top gigs and concerts are free to explore. Trafalgar Square is a tourist attraction in central London, which is also used for political demonstrations and community gatherings. It’s also a public space where a range of free outdoor events are conducted throughout the year. Events marking city’s multicultural mix begin with Chinese New Year celebrations (check 19 February 2015) and end with hymns around an enormous Norwegian pine tree in December. So, why not book your stay near Trafalgar Square and make the most of city’s outdoor events.

Barbican Centre
Europe’s largest arts centre, the Barbican pushes the boundaries of all major art forms. This world-class centre allows visitors to discover the arts, even if you can’t afford the usual ticket price. The centre hosts plenty of free contemporary music concerts, talks, exhibitions, events, and festivals. To make your experience a memorable one, it also boasts a library, a conservatory, and restaurants. The centre has one of the largest public libraries in the capital, which regularly conducts free events for its visitors. Discover other things to do free of cost in the City of London with our expert guide.

Open-Air Public Speaking
A Speakers’ Corner is not strictly categorized as “entertainment venue”, as it is used for free debate and public speech. Sited in the north-east corner of Hyde Park, this public speaking spot is the divine home of the British democratic practice of soapbox oratory. Since the right of free debate and discussion was recognized, Londoners have been assembled to pin their ears back to speeches about anything and everything.

Southbank Centre
Attracting over 3 million visitors annually, Southbank Centre is a multifaceted of artistic venues on the south bank of the Thames. Built in 1951 for the festival of Britain, this art centre comprises 3 main buildings like Saison Poetry Library, the Queen Elizabeth Hall and the Hayward Gallery. Thousands of artists and musicians regularly perform at these exhibition centres.

Free Comedy Shows
Keep yourself entertained without opening your wallet with London’s best pub theatres and comedy venues. In no doubt, you may be taking a chance on some new, unsigned band but what’s to complain when you’re getting a possibility of enjoying free. There are a number of pubs and bars that host regular free gigs and open mic nights. All you need is to do a little research about when and where these upcoming bands are performing. Don’t forget the time restrictions, as some venues have only free admission before 10pm only.

If you want to enjoy a pocket-friendly holiday in London, then you can consider these places for tranquil and casual entertainment.

For your Discounted Stay
We at Londonhotels4u.com cater rooms to everyone. From rather high-end customers to backpackers and budget travellers, our website is open for all. If you are looking for modest and cheap accommodation in London, do visit this section for the best deals and prices.

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Enjoy London for free, and do remember to share your travel stories with us.

Top 10 Theatre Shows in London in December 2014

With the holiday season upon us, London theatres are also gearing up for the counter rush. With classics and newest shows alike, we are bringing a compilation of 10 hottest shows to catch up on this December 2014- January 2015. Celebrate the spirit of Christmas and New Year with a delightful tales at the top theatres of London. From musicals, ballet performances, live performances, and theatrical shows, take your pick from the many visually-enticing dramas this year. You may also book a befitting stay closest to these theatres at reasonable prices and zero booking fee with LondonHotels4U.

Here are the 10 top most dramatically tantalizing shows of the season for you:

1.    Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
The ever-green classic loved by children and adults alike, ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’ is happening in London. With the plot by Roald Dahl, venture into the mesmerising world of chocolate. Get to meet the eccentric inventor Willy Wonka, his obedient team of Oompa-Loompas, and the patient yet curious lad Charlie Bucket.  This high-grossing show of London is a work of Sam Mendes, and choreography is by Peter Darling. Showing at the stunning theatre on Catherine Street, you can reach here comfortably through Holborn Tube Station.
Where: Theatre Royal Dury Lane
Date: Running

2.    Shakespeare in Love
Set in Elizabethan London, this play is a reproduction of the renowned movie which bagged critics’ accolades and awards, including Academy Awards. This romantic comedy is about the acclaimed bard and his attempts to piece out a masterpiece for his audience. In the process of doing so, he falls for a noble woman who is in disguise and hired to play lead for one of his works. Hurry and book your tickets for the play and watch the romance of Shakespeare in Love come alive on stage.
Where: Noel Coward Theatre
Date: Running till 18 April 2015

3.     War Horse
Remembering World War 1 with the striking novel by Michael Morpurgo, ‘War Horse’ is a period drama, involving life d animal puppets. The plot is about the journey of a horse, Joey. Showcasing the turmoil of the First World War, it also depicts his owner who embarks on a journey to find him.
Where: New London Theatre
Date: Running

4.    Les Miserables
Somewhat of a legend in the literature world, this Victor Hugo’s book has been made into the film by same name. The musical tells the story of determined Jean Valjean, his courageous daughter Cosette, and her rebellious lover Marius. With a storyline filled with intense expression, famous songs, and passionate dramatization, book your Les Misarables tickets now. Get a taste of theatre and its unending charm with this musical. Connect to the show’s venue easily with Piccadilly Circus Tube Station.
Where: Queens Theatre
Date: Running

5.    The Nutcracker
For getting along with Christmas spirit watch the Nutcracker, the tale of Clara in a fantasy-like world with a living Nutcracker doll. Set in Edwardian London, the show is a brilliant performance by English National Ballet, showcasing the famous 200 year old story by E.T.A. Hoffman. Reach here on time for the play with Leicester Square Underground, just 3 minutes of walk away.
Where: London Coliseum
Date: 11 December 2014 – 4 January 2015

6.    Mamma Mia!!!
Featuring the lively songs of hit Swedish band ABBA, Mamma Mia is a musical showing in London by Judy Craymer and Catherine Johnson. With the backdrop of a gorgeous Greek island, trace the lives of Donna and her daughter Sophie. Sophie’s wedding preparations urge her to find her biological father, bringing the former lovers of Donna to the island. Catch the show this holiday season to find out the fate of Donna and Sophie’s quest to reveal her real father before her wedding.
Where: Novello Theatre
Date: Running

7.    La Soiree
The world touring troupe La Soiree is in London this year! Rush to witness the magnificent performances at the Belgian carnival tent in Southbank. With distinctive performances ranging from cabaret, sideshow, burlesque, and vaudeville, indulge in this deliciously deviant enigma of creativity. Although not recommended for children below 18, this is a limited season act happening right in the
Where: South Bank Big Top
Date: Now showing till 11 January 2015

8.    Matilda the Musical
A classic children’s masterpiece by the Royal Shakespearean Company, Matilda the Musical is now running in London’s Cambridge Theatre. Watch the enchanting and hopeful world of Matilda, her psychokinetic powers, her selfish parents, brutal headmistress, and well wishing teacher. Rejoice these holidays by booking your tickets to this musical panorama of brilliant performances and impeccable direction.
Where: Cambridge Theatre
Date: Running

9.    Thriller Live
Dedicated to the King of Pop Michael Jackson, Thriller Live is happening in London at the acclaimed West End theatre. Revisit the popular numbers and career of the renowned performer with a band of talented singers & dancers. Get the Thriller Live tickets in time to catch the sensational flashback into the singer’s life this Christmas and New Year season.
Where: Lyric Theatre
Date: Running

10.    Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland
Performed by the Royal Ballet, this adaptation of the world famous literature classic can really liven up your time in London. Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland is about the ever inquisitive Alice and her descend into the ultimate fantasy world through a mysterious rabbit hole. Watch her fight the Queen and find answers and her own self in the mayhem of power struggle.
Where: Royal Opera House
Date: 6 December 2014 – 16 January 2015

With such enthralling shows in and around the prominent areas of Central London, book a rendezvous with theatre this holiday season.  Now you can reserve a well connected stay with Londonhotels4u.com and make your stopover here a relaxed affair. Along with these theatre shows, also discover a different side of London with various events like Disney on Ice.
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