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It was 25 years back when Lori, our latest contributor to “My London Love” series, visited London for the first time to perform with the church youth choir.  But the sweet memories of her London escapades are still afresh in her mind. Let’s take a trip down her memory lane and experience London, as it was years back, certainly equally enchanting as it is today.

Lori Sloan from Houston, Texas

Lori Sloan

Years have passed since I have visited London but the place still holds a special place in my heart.

I left for England on my 17th birthday. It was so exciting! My best friend and I were traveling with our church youth choir. Looking back, we both wish we had been able to appreciate the history of the places we visited, namely Westminster Abbey and St Paul’s Cathedral.

Today, I look back amazed that I was in two of the most historic British places whenever I watch an event such as Diana’s funeral or William and Kate’s wedding. Just knowing I have been there is incredible to me.

A visit to London is incomplete without visiting Big Ben, the iconic London landmark near Palace of Westminster. We were surprised to find out that Big Ben is not the tower but the 13-ton bell inside it.

Big Ben is still the same – proudly embellishing the London city (although you can see London Eye missing in the old picture as it was yet to be built years later).

Big Ben-Then and Now

On the lighter side, I know I speak for my friend when I say we were so excited to go to Harrod’s department store (I still dream that I am trying to get there). But our shopping spree was just the beginning of it all. We also witnessed Trooping the Colour, the annual Queen’s Birthday pageantry, something I still tell people about. The military parade is carried out by operational troops from the Household Division, witnessed by all including the royal family. Little girls in particular are fascinated when I tell them that I saw the real queen, princes, and princesses, just feet from where I stood.


It’s hard to miss theatre when you are in London, especially when you have an artistic soul. Watching the performance of Agatha Christie’s play "Mousetrap" was an experience I’ll cherish forever. At the end of the play, we were asked not to tell anyone about who committed the crime. I never have, and to this day, I don’t remember exactly what happened... I just remember something about the twins.  

Another favourite memory was staying in an old farmhouse (belonging to a member of one of the churches we performed at), and sleeping in a room with the windows open, under a thick comforter. (That isn’t something you’d do in my native Texas... not in June anyway!) To this day, I love the idea of living in an old farmhouse in England. Oh and there were ruins of an old church on the property!

England is the only country my grandmother ever wanted to visit (she loved the royal family), and so she was very excited for me to go. I hope to return one day, and maybe leave some little belonging of hers somewhere, just to say that in a way, Pearl was there.

We are sure it must have been a mesmerizing experience touring London through Lori’s eyes and seeing the city from a new perspective. If you too have a connection with the capital of England and have been lucky enough to visit the place, please share your story with us and get featured on our blog. You can send your stories to info@londonhotels4u.com.

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