255th Anniversary of the British Museum

On 15th January 1759, London’s British Museum opened its doors to first visitors. And, 255 years later, it’s celebrating the most successful year, with over 6.7 million visitors in 2013.

British Museum 255 Years Ago
On this day, 255 years ago, British Museum got its first visitors in Montague House (17th century Mansion). In the beginning, the museum had a limited public access, due to a complicated system of invitations. Visitors had to apply for a ticket, and were admitted only after getting an approval from the Principal Librarian. Visitors couldn’t roam freely, and had to rush around in a group of 15.

“We had no time allowed to examine anything,” complained a visitor in 1759.

But by 19th century, the museum improved and started operating with an open admissions policy. And, it remains free to everyone since then.

The Museum Then and Now
Over these 255 years, British Museum in London has grown exponentially – from around 80,000 objects in Sloane’s collection to over 8 million artefacts today. The collections and objects at the museum continue to grow, covering almost every country of the world. From just 5,000 visitors in 1759 to 6.7 million in 2013, British Museum has become one of the most recognisable historic places in the contemporary world.

The British Museum in London is open to everyone for free. If you are in London or planning a visit soon, then do check this historic site.
For more details about your visit, click here - http://www.britishmuseum.org/visiting.aspx.
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