3 Tourist Attractions You Should Avoid in London

London is a city of landmarks and well-known sites. A tourist in London often fascinated about visiting top attractions in city. If you are one of those, get most out your London sightseeing experience by forward planning. The capital has few tourist traps, which you should avoid while on a leisure trip to London. The city of London is a bit expensive and so are its attractions. Many tourist attractions in London are overly priced and busy, making you think twice.
Here are top London attractions that you can give a miss on your next trip:

London Dungeon
London Dungeon is a top tourist attraction that entertains kids rather than providing any cultural experience. If you are not travelling with your family or kids, then this is a complete turn off. Located on Tooley Street, this attraction is going on since 1970s. You will not find huge excitement or history behind it, as it is not based on the site of old dungeon. It lies within old railway arches and features few fictional events. It is not a highly recommended place to visit, due to tickets costing as high as £20. This site is ideally designed to creep you out and jump. But if that is what you are expecting, then think again.


Madame Tussauds Wax Museum
Are you fond of watching dummies? Then why don’t you visit Houses of Parliament in London. Madame Tussauds Museum is pricey and often has long queues. It is popular with kids, but it is certainly not a place to have London’s cultural experience. It’s a suggestion - visit Madame Tussauds once you have completely explored London. If you wish to still visit this place with some wax dummies, make sure you pre-order your tickets online. This will make your wait shorter, but you need to prepare yourself to deal with a lot of crowd here.


Ripley’s Believe It Or Not!
Ripley’s Believe It or Not is one of the many museums in London, featuring a wide collection of pictures and artefacts of unbelievable things. From moving tunnel to a mirror maze, you can experience unusual things here. It is a possible entertainment for kids, but for adults this museum is not worth the hefty price they have to pay.
As a traveller in London, you will like to spend your money wisely. It is important to find a comfortable accommodation and discover things that do not cost much. These are few not worth to see attractions in London, on which you should not waste money.
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