5 Enthralling Alfresco Theatres to Relax In London Summer

Open Air Theatres in London

The (almost) balmy London weather calls for a lot of outdoor activity. If you have been looking for nice options to hang out, to soak in the summer air, and to catch up on some prolific theatre activity, we have got good news for you. Today, we intend on bringing you a beautiful assortment of outdoor alfresco theatres in London. Visiting these theatres gives you a chance to connect with the fellow theatre enthusiasts, along with watching the best of theatre talent, and also to experience the vibrant summers of London. To assist you in making the best decision of alfresco theatres, we have enlisted the top 5 most intriguing open air theatres in London. Browse through the same, and finalize your plans for an ideal summertime hang out. 

Shakespeare’s Globe, Bankside

When in London, allow yourself to enjoy the luxury of watching a performance at the Globe! With the finest crop of contemporary actors, classic plays of Shakespeare, and (hopefully) a starry cloudless sky, Globe is the place to be for enjoying the best of open skies and theatre performances. With the Julius Cesar, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, King Lear and more, all slated to run this year, Shakespeare Globe is too tempting an option to avoid. Book your tickets now, and enjoy the best of Shakespearean era.

Somerset House, Strand

With 55 dancing fountains, many guided tours, family workshops, and design exhibitions, Somerset House offers a lot more than just an alfresco theatre experience. Owing to the regal elegance of Strand imbibed in every part, it offers a rather captivating open air experience. And this year’s line up of movie screenings is pretty interesting, with the Two Days, One Night’s premier and screening of Rosemary’s Baby and more. Book your tickets at the Film4 Summer Screen, or just visit the place for a tour or an exhibition. You are more than certain to have a gala time here. Find out more about movie screenings at Somerset House here.

Regent’s Park Open Air Theatre, Regent’s Park

It is a beautifully enchanting experience to watch a play or a screening in London’s Regent’s Park. What’s even more magical is to be lost in the performances and yet faintly notice the day softly turning into night at this riveting location. However, before coming to Regent’s Park Open Air Theatre, make sure you are dressed in multiple layers of clothing, and are carrying an extra blanket, especially if you wouldn’t like your limbs going numb in the middle of the performances. Regardless of how hot the day is, late evenings and nights are particularly chilly in Regent’s Park. So catch your show of How to Kill a Mockingbird, or any other performance, by confirming your seats at this open air theatre.

Dalston Roof Park, Dalston

Flaunting a stellar view, Dalston Roof Park provides the best of a roof garden, along with a delectable mix of liver performances, fun activities and alfresco hang-out. This flat roof paradise is covered with potted plants, vividly coloured chairs and well, a lot of Astroturf. There is also an enormous inflatable arch, which protects the crowd from rain or excess of sun. The place is best for you, if you wish to escape the city bustle, while simultaneously enjoying the cream of London experience. The owners of the place quite painstakingly encourages the crowd participate in environment friendly activities. These include: managing the roof garden, planting more trees and plants etc. Thus, book yourself a date with this exciting and hep place; visit Dalston Roof Park’s Facebook page to know more about their daily fun activities.

The Scoop at More, Tower Bridge

Some wise man once said, never judge a book by its cover, and we couldn’t agree more especially while describing the Scoop to our London tourists and travellers. At first, the theatre may come across as a fallen cemented pit, but once the summers come you can easily see the morbid pit turn to a vivid shade of life, being transformed into a glorious amphitheatre. A seating area that can accommodate over 800 guests, along with free theatre experience, The Scoop, located at the backdrop of Tower Bridge is one amongst the best alfresco theatres to be. And right now, they are going to show Richard Wagner’s adaptations of Viking Myths. Thus, hop along, and well, if you forget to BYO-Cushion, you can rent one here at £1.

This was our collection of the best of London alfresco theatres. Let us know what you feel about the same in the comments section below.

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