6 Places to Eat for under £5 in London

It might surprise you that you don’t need to hit food street markets to enjoy a food or drink for under £5 in London City. As there are some restaurants in the town, offering a variety of great food at cheap price points – without compromising quality in the name of lower prices. Luckily, for those who are on tight budget, the city has plenty of affordable restaurants that offer amazing dining experiences without breaking the bank. From traditional British breakfast to no-frills pizzas, there is something for everyone. All you need to do is confirm the opening times before visiting the following eatery.

1. ICCo
If you want to taste a freshly cooked pizza without splashing the cash, then ICCo is the place for you. Favourite among local workers and budget travellers, this coffee house offers the authentic Italian style pizzas and other delicacies at a highly reasonable price. Grab a seat and order yourself a thin-crust Margherita pizza that includes mozzarella cheese and tomato sauce with basil & herbs at just £3.95.

2. Govinda’s
Purely vegan, Govinda’s restaurant serves up a hearty combination of Indian and Italian Food. The menu includes pizza, lasagne, veggie burger, egg-free pastry or one of our appetizing spinach rolls. Now, this will sound a little strange, but it is true that the restaurant does not use onions, garlic, or mushrooms due to religious belief. You can order a Paneer (cheese) Burger for £3.50, Soya Pancake for 3, or Lasagne of the Day for just £4.95.


3. Camino Monumento
Some eateries seem to be intended at pulling cash out of your pocket, but this Spanish bar – a branch of the award winning Camino eatery and sherry bar – keeps price cheap and standards high. If you want to eat under a fiver, then make sure to order a pan-fried black pudding that is served on grilled red peppers and is nicely moist.

4. Gaby’s Deli
If you’re feeling a little stretched for cash after enjoying the London’s theatre scene, then this place is the best eating out option in West End. Favourite of theatre lovers and performers, Gaby’s Deli offers a tasty menu of salads, vegetable fritters, and stews. This unpretentious place that’s perfect to consider, particularly as a pre- or post-show eatery.

5. Orchard
The Michelin-recommended Vanilla Black is a British vegetarian kitchen, offering a perfect dining experience. But, it’s too expensive for a budget-minded foodie. Considering the needs of budget travellers, they have opened a café that serves a hearty selection of affordable meals from its Deli counter. The best part of this eatery is that the restaurant changes its menu daily to offer you a diverse slice of British food. Some of the regular menu includes sandwiches, salads, and intriguing cakes like ‘parsnip loaf with Horlicks icing’.

6. Dishoom
Inspired by the post independence ‘Irani cafes’ of Bombay, this restaurant boasts two branches in London. Fresh, home-baked pastries and puffs like Eccles cake and Rhubarb tart are available, but much more interesting, is the Indian fare. The main draw of the restaurant is the House Chai (£2.50), but if want to try something else you can order the signature dish that is Bacon Naan Roll (£3.70). Besides, there are plenty of other food items that you can try under a fiver, including porridge, granola, fresh fruit & yoghurt, and egg naan roll.

Consider any of these restaurants that are perfect to eat for under £5 in London. Besides offering you the fresh and delicious food, most of these restaurants change their menu daily.
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