6 Tips for a Healthy Stay in London

While we are on a vacation to a mega city like London, we often ignore our health as our mind is in a rush to grasp as many attractions as we can during our leisure trip to the city. Nonetheless, it is vital to maintain a healthy frame of body and mind while you are on a leisure trip as you would be able to visit the city’s attractions comprehensively only if you are fit. Here are some tips through which you can keep yourself fit and agile while your stay in London:

Looking Out for Facilities

Before your travel to London, weigh your accommodation options quite systematically. While you are booking an accommodation, make sure that the hotel has health facilities like health club and spa, gymnasium and so on. If you do not find enough time with you, check with londonhotels4u.com that has a wide range of hotels with health club facilities. Choose the best option from thereon.

Staying Hydrated all through the Journey
It is one of the best ways to keep yourself fit while you are travelling in London. Many have this tendency to indulge into caffeine-loaded drinks and alcohol while they are on a leisure trip. Avoid such drinks as they dehydrate the body quite rapidly. Replenish the body with adequate quantities of fluid such as water, lemonades and other such healthy drinks.

Restricting the Indulgence on Luxury Food

While on a vacation, we all tend to feed our taste buds with heavily loaded luxury foods. Be it at a hotel restaurant or either on streets, indulging into fatty meals is quite common. Stay away from such unhealthy foods. Try healthier versions of meals for your indulgence.

Opting for the Walking Tours
Instead of journeying across London on a bus or a cab, choose walking tours. These walking tours are operated by both tour companies and locals and cover a majority of historic attractions in the city. Not only these walking tours will help you in maintaining your health but they are pocket friendly as well, as they are modestly charged.

If you want to book a walking tour in London, visit londonwalks.com.


While you are on a leisure trip to the city, do not forget to include exercise in your itinerary. It is not mandatory to do heavy cardio routine or going for long running. Just take some time out for moderate exercises like speed walking or some breathing exercises. They will ensure that your health is not out of gear even in your vacation to the city.

Having The Meal
If you have plans to have meals at a restaurant, it would be a good idea if you choose those restaurants that are at a walking distance from your hotel. This way you will be able to renounce the temptation of hiring a black cab or mini cab to reach your desired eatery.

It is not difficult to keep a track on your health while you are vacationing in the city. Use the tips given above and have a ‘healthy’ stay in the city.
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