8 Reasons you should Book a B&B in London

London is definitely an interesting place to visit. If you have finally decided to take stock of your time and resources and pay the land of Angels (technically, that’s England, but still, London is the capital for a reason, right?), we have got some rather exciting titbits of information to share with you. Now, London has a reputation of its own, when it comes to luxury and opulence. If you are bored of checking into one hotel after another, you should consider this out-of-the-ordinary way to spend your time in London. Instead of checking into a luxurious hotel, why not book your stay with a B&B joint. The Bed and Breakfast accommodations are becoming quite popular with the wanderlust travellers, who are always looking for a new and enriching experience. If you are intrigued already, please continue reading to discover more about B&B stay options, and the perks of opting for the same.

What exactly is a B&B accommodation?

 If it is the itinerary that you are most concerned about in London, and would like to spend more on exploring the city than on staying here, B&B is an amazing opportunity for you. The Bed and Breakfast lodging is a nice break from the traditional stay in hotels. Unlike the hotels, these lodgings are typically located in restored versions of old houses or mansions and offer the quintessential feel of houses in London. The decor is a warm reminiscence of the era gone by, and offers cosy comforts. Let us begin by counting 8 of the many benefits of B&B accommodations.

Many Lucrative Features of B&B!

1. Free Breakfast:

Well, obviously, as per the name goes, this one is a no brainer. But if you have travelled a lot in your life, you’d understand the value of a good hearty meal to begin your day with. Breakfast is free at these accommodations and often includes the best of All English Breakfast. The food is completely irresistible and mouth-watering, and fills you enough to keep you going all day long.

2. They are Quiet and Peaceful:

Unlike the hotels, which are always brimming with one activity or the other, B&B are quite peaceful. They mostly cater to couples or groups of fellow travellers that are often resigned to their own rooms. Hence, you get to enjoy supreme peace and quiet at these locations, without getting distracted. The lodgings are perfect for couples who are looking to further strengthen their romance.

3. Luxuries Guaranteed:

Just because you are staying in a B&B and not a luxurious hotel, doesn’t mean you have to give up on a luxurious stay. Often times, the luxuries and the personalized hospitality that you experience at these accommodations will totally win your heart. Once staying here, you can easily expect to find bed linens and bathrobes in your room. Also on the list are locally roosted coffee beans, organic good and a lot more. Besides, you can also enjoy free phone calls, internet connection and other basic amenities. The place will never fail to excite you, should you choose to stay here.

4. Much Safer:

As discussed above, since the guests here are quite few, there is better safety of the belongings. As compared to a regular hotel staff, the B&B owners are able to keep a much better check at the property.

5. Enjoy the Delectable Local Lifestyle:

With B&B, there is no air of pretences and lukewarm formality. The travellers here actually get to enjoy the real taste of British behaviour and hospitality. The accommodations have a personality of their own, especially the ones maintained by their owners, and hence offers a characteristically distinct experience.

6. Travellers Get to Enjoy Extra Activities:

If you do not have a strict plan of your own, and don’t mind going with the flow, you can find a lot of amusing alternatives at these lodgings. Most of these B&B offers various fun and adventurous activities like canoeing, hiking, biking, skiing, and golfing etc. And if they are not offering, they would perhaps get it arranged for you.

7. Services Here are More Personalized:

B&B are traditionally owned by families, who are willing to let out the space to earn a few extra bucks. These families are often very hospitable and give a personalized touch to the services. You can easily expect expert tips on safe travel around London and even more. And since the number of guests are reduced to mere handful, they are much more willing to walk the extra mile in providing the perfect services.

8. Stay near Interesting Places and Connect with Fellow Explorers:

Usually, these accommodations are located at off-beaten tracks, or closer to significant establishments and structures. Either ways, you get nice opportunities to connect with fellow travellers, who probably share your passion for exploring. And isn’t it always fun to find relatable company?

Okay! I am sold, but where do I find these B&B locations now?

Oh well, since you want to book a Bed and Breakfast accommodation now, the rest is fairly simple. A random search around the internet would put you across many such options. But while you are here, why not search for a B&B accommodation at Londonhotels4u.com? We have painstakingly enlisted the best of accommodations in London, and you can easily find your preferred ones here.

Thus, go ahead, explore. And if you wish to experience a truly different side of London, consider booking yourself a B&B!
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