A Budget Traveller’s Guide to What Not to Do in London

London is, no doubt, one of the most sought after destinations amongst travellers of all kinds and ages. But the city can be outrageously expensive at times. However, the mere fact should not deter you from visiting the Big Smoke. Those travelling London on a budget need not worry.  If you’re aware of the things that will eat up most of your holiday budget, you can easily save money in London. If you’re one of those travelling London without a deep pocket, just go through these ideas and you’ll end up having a full pocket when back home.

Don’t Eat Out
London is widely popular as a foodie’s heaven but if you are visiting London a tight budget, the biggest mistake you can make is to head to an overpriced restaurant. And there are hundreds of them awaiting your arrival. Instead of succumbing to the desire to dine out like James Bond, consider visiting a less pricey place. London has an array of cheap eats available. All you need to do is look for the right place. Beatroot, Dishoom, and Koya are some of the best places right in the heart of London for a cheap eat out. Moreover, try and snap up a hotel with complimentary breakfast included in the price. And there’s no rule that whilst travelling, you have to eat out. A frugal meal like bread, cheese, and wine also works.
Don’t Take Cabs
Chances are that you’ll be landing at Gatwick airport and the last thing you would want after the hectic air travel is to look for a conveyance to reach the hotel. More often travellers surrender to the exhaustion and get in the black cabs. But that’s no excuse for taking a cab in London. Getting from Gatwick to central London on a cab means, you’ll end up paying £60-£95. However, Gatwick Express runs every 15 minutes and takes you to Victoria Station in less than 30 minutes for just £2.
Don’t Book an Overpriced Hotel
Every blog about London will claim that London hotels are extremely expensive. However, it’s not true. With a little bit of information, you can easily book a budget hotel for not more than £30 and a luxury hotel for as low as £99. All you need to do is keep three things in mind. Make sure to book your stay well ahead of time, compare the hotel’s price at different hotel booking websites, and preferably look for secret hotel deals if you want to save over 50% on your accommodation booking. Follow these three things and you’re sure to enjoy a memorable stay.

Don’t Go On Sightseeing Tours
Driving around the city on a bus whilst a tour guide tries to crack a joke about Tower of London is not going to be an extraordinary experience. So, there’s no use spending money on it. You can explore the capital on your own. All you need is an Oyster Card and a tube map. Most of the tourist attractions are located in central London, few steps from tube stations. And if you are confused, you can always ask for help. Londoners are a helping lot.

Don’t Visit Hefty Clubs
London has an extensive and yes, expensive nightlife.  Don’t succumb to the desire of visiting a vibrant club like Fabric. You may not like the idea of having an empty pocket next morning. If clubbing is really your cup of tea, make sure to look for club deals and guest lists available online.
Play smart and London will never disappoint your wallet. Saving on these 4 things will help you keep your London holiday budget on track.
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