A Guide to London Street Food Scene

Pitching up in food festivals, weekend markets, and under bridges, a troupe of street food vendors is coming up with a new London street food scene. Visit these 5 top street food vans, while staying at top hotels in London:

Lucky Chip

Lucky Chip at Sebright Arms serves dirty but tasty burgers in the city. You will get some of the simplest gourmet burgers on their menu, available at affordable prices. The bun they use is soft, springy with right amount of sweetness. Order a burger with little crispier bacon, with cheese on the top of patty and cream cheese below to make it more rich and yummy.

The Bowler
Based in Bermondsey, The Bowler specialises in serving yummy meat, fish, and vegetable balls with fresh sauces and sides. Expect some tantalizingly tasty meatballs, made using quality ingredients and individually rolled. Signature dish include beef meatballs with pappardelle pasta and sour cream. Look out for Subwich – meatballs, cheese, and sauce cribbed inside a huge ciabatta bun.

The Ribman
On every Sunday, head straight to where Bethel Road meets the Brick Lane Market to eat some deliciously cooked pork ribs. Rib meatballs in wraps are extremely tender and offer unique taste, with a grin on your face. You will get spiced, melty meat, with a texture of pulled pork. It is stuffed inside a soft bun, using regular hot sauce, BBQ sauce, or Holy Fuck Hot Sauce.

Well Kneaded Wagon
The standard menu at Well Kneaded Wagon has a choice of garlic, tomato sauce, or pesto, with seasonal organic combos for toppings. Try some fiery mushrooms, sweet fire breads with maple syrup base and cinnamon, apple and walnuts on the top. Fresh beetroot, spinach, and goat’s cheese are signature dishes too.

These street food traders have created a revolution in London’s dining scene. Evoke your taste buds by savouring best dishes at these street food stalls.
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