A Peek into Intriguing and Exciting Life of Shoreditch

Welcome to the land of murals, maverick artists and ceaseless merrymaking; welcome to Shoreditch! The place that once held (and possibly inspired) the creative genius of Shakespeare, right now offers one of the most artistically stimulating and intriguing experience in London. Being the former grim and shady industrial warehouse of the richer neighbourhoods, Shoreditch has survivedcultural snobbery, increasing crimes, and the Blitz attack, to now emerge as an artsy and invigorating area of London. Today, we intend to celebrate the grit and the resilience of this place and discuss what makes it one of the most visited spots in London.

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Shoreditch: From Rummages to its Resurrection

For a very long time, like an ideal fly on the wall, Shoreditch had only observed the financial growth and development of its neighbourhood, the City of London. To the people of London, Shoreditch has almost always been the “other side” of the City. In the 19th century, this place was a centre for various furniture and textile industries, while providing cheaper lodgings to the aspiring artists. Eventually, the creative minds and the artists of this place moved to the other more affluent and sophisticated parts of the capital. Thereafter, the crime scene of the area shot up, giving it a rather notorious reputation. Eventually, the area was severely rummaged in The Blitz Attack by the Germans during the Second World War.

Although the redevelopment work began after the war was settled, it wasn’t until the 1990s that the place actually reappeared in its full strength. The late 1990s saw the resurrection of the place when several artists, musicians and other creative mavericks choose to return and rekindle the lost Victorian charm of the place. Soon, the reputation of Shoreditch grew to be that of one of the most progressive and thought-provoking parts of the capital, simultaneously redefining its own culture and reclaiming its existence on the map of the world.

Shoreditch Today: Intriguing, Abstract, Beautiful!

The erstwhile impoverished community of Shoreditch reinstated itself brick by brick. The old warehouses and textile industries were then transformed into art galleries, cafes and pubs, and the street walls became the muse of Banksy, giving this place a complete (and might we add?) magnificent makeover!

Today, the area attracts the highest number of designers, artists, painters and musicians, flaunting its dynamic artistic lifestyle and a vivid nightlife. The presence of various forward-thinking artists, like Tracey Emin, Henry Hate, and Damien Hirst etc and the influence of the Pakistani and Bangladeshi communities near the Brick Lane, has given the place its own unique culture and flavour. Although originally being famous as “the place where Shakespeare wrote and performed his various plays,” and “the low costing neighbourhood of the city,” Shoreditch definitely isn’t that inexpensive now. With its new found popularity and cult fan-following, the prices have obviously shot up. But if you know the right way to look, you’d be surprised to find some best priced accommodations in Shoreditch.

Shoreditch Nightlife

Nightlife, Culture and More!

Often being touted as the Eden Gardens of the hipster and nomadic people, Shoreditch sees the maximum activity of the media professionals, students of art and design, and other forward thinkers and mural art and graffiti lovers. It does not come as a surprise when the place holds captivating art galleries. The Electric Blue, Stolen Space, Whitechapel, F-Art, Supernice, are some of the many art galleries that you should check out in Shoreditch, other than of course it mural walls.

The brick lane carries a lot of imprints of the Pakistani and Bangladeshi community, encompassing mosques, and shops serving exotic traditional curries. The Brick Lane also has a lot to offer to the fashion-conscious shopping enthusiasts. From Hoxton Finn haircuts to retro looks, to East End fashion and designer skinny jeans, the Brick Lane is never the one to disappoint anyone who is looking for an out-of-the-box experience around Shoreditch.

And once the shopping is done, you can spend your evening sipping an exotic blend of delectable coffee in various trendy cafes of this place. The late evenings can be spent in the numerous edgy bars, lounges, night spots and awe-inspiring underground music joints. The Book Club, XOYO, and Club Aquarium are some of the many ravishing and crowd-fetching nightclubs in this area.

P.S. Shoreditch Awaits Your Arrival!

Save a few days of your London journey, to experience the true human creativity and genius that is comprised in every street and lane of this place. From connecting with the passionate creative minds, to deciphering an intriguing cultural melange to enjoying the best of London’s nightlife, Shoreditch offers the best of it all. Take a tube to the Old Street or Liverpool Street, or hop on to any bus ride and book your date with the place that never fails to fascinate. 
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