A Royal Day Out in the City Close to Your Hotels in London

Do you fancy the life of the royals in Britain? Live the lives of kings and queens for a day in London by visiting the famous royal attractions in the city. There is no better way to engross yourself in the fascinating British majestic culture and history than visiting these regal historic sites.

Book your stay with top hotels in London and visit these famous royal attractions located in proximity. Here are the places to visit to have an insight into Britain’s rich royal past.

Royal World Heritage Sites

You can begin your regal day out by visiting one of the famous royal museums located near your hotel.

Tower of London
- The tourists can head to the Tower of London to see the best of London’s royal history. This iconic fortress has witnessed distress and death. A tour to this castle will make you hear the legends of the ravens of Tower. Do not forget to discover the newly displayed precious Crown Jewels and the king’s bed chamber.

Kensington Palace - This regal palace is a place of secret stories of 17th and 18th century crowned heads. Visitors can perceive the magnificent apartments of royalties embellished with striking paintings of the Royal Collection. Explore the rooms where Victoria lived in her childhood and know more about the her life as a child, wife, mother, and Empress.

Royal Parks

Besides royal heritage sites, London is home to some greatest royal parks featuring iconic monuments and lakes. Some of the famous ones are:

Hyde Park -
This stunning royal park is home to several fascinating monuments including The Serpentine Bridge, Archiles’ statue, and the famous Diana Memorial Fountain. Apart from the royal monuments, this park also features several activities such as swimming, boating, skating, and biking.

Kensington Gardens - The bravura avenue of trees and the flower beds at Kensington Gardens make you forget that you are in a metropolitan city. The park is home to Kensington Palace, Peter Pan statue, and Albert Memorial. Along with natural scenery and royal monuments, there are also playgrounds.

Plan a royal stay at the luxury hotels in London and visit these famous royal attractions to get an insight into the British royal history.
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