A Short Rendezvous with Kensington While Staying in Kensington Hotels

A Short Rendezvous with Kensington While Staying in Kensington Hotels

Kensington has lot to do and offer to the travellers waiting to visit the capital city for a holiday. Plenty of options surround which in turn facilitate tourists with lot of new hotels and staying options. While staying in Kensington hotels, you can explore many top London attractions for free.

If you are looking to do something in an around Kensington area, below mentioned are the things in which you can actually involve yourself:

Holland Park:

Holland Park treasures a great reputation of being a fashionable and a prosperous area. It is well known for its restored Victorian townhouses, restaurants, and high-class shopping. There is no dearth of shopping destinations closely located to the Holland Park. There is no official boundary of this park. This is one of the public parks considered as one of the most romantic and peaceful one in the city. Take a stroll in here and get close to nature for some time.

Leighton House Museum:

Leighton House is no ordinary house. It is a former home of the artist Lord Frederic and is styled of that of a Victorian era, which is still restored. The artists inhabited this building for almost 30 years and during his stay, he displays several beautiful things. There is an Arab Hall at the museum featuring over a thousand Islamic tiles. The households several other things that make people wonder that how can someone live in such dream like surroundings. There are other museums near Kensington Olympia to check out.


The National Agricultural Company has plans to build the largest indoor exhibition hall. This well-known exhibition and conference centre in West Kensington area was initially called as National Agricultural Hall. It now has three halls named Olympia Grand hall, Olympia 2 and last but not the least Olympia National hall.

If searching to do something different, here are the enjoyable options at your bay near Kensington Olympia tube station.

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