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A London experience is never complete without sipping afternoon tea. There are plenty of hotels in London where you can indulge in this great British tradition whilst enjoying your stay. The tradition was started by the Duchess of Bedford in 1830 but has become the yen of every elite Londoner past 3pm. And why not, nothing can match the fulfilment you get after having a cup of hot tea served in style with cupcakes, scones with clotted cream, sandwiches, and a lot more. Next time you’re in London, make sure you try to stay at one of these London hotels serving the best afternoon teas.

The Goring Hotel
The Goring ticks all the boxes for being one of the top afternoon tea destinations. After getting near perfect scores by the Tea Guild, The Goring has been alluring tea lovers from all across the globe. Exquisite teas are served in an excellent style by the roaring log fire in the hotel’s lounge. Impressive, right? In addition, The Goring is one of the few places offering al fresco afternoon teas in its enchanting courtyard. Buttery scones, finger sandwiches, patisseries, all are served traditionally with perfectly brewed teas. It’s not without reason that Head of The Tea Guild Irene Gorman said, “Tea at The Goring is a truly special experience”. Even if you don’t get to stay here, make sure to pay a visit for its exquisite teas. And given the fact that the royal bride, Kate Middleton spent a night before her wedding here, makes it an even more elite choice.

£37.50 - Traditional Afternoon Tea
£47.50 - The Bollinger Tea

Chesterfield Mayfair
How about enjoying your afternoon sip with a lyrical twist? Chesterfield Mayfair serves the best delights among the lustrous brass and looming portraits of its Conservatory dining room. The Chesterfield’s “tea poet,” Elizabeth Darcy Jones is always on hand to deliver a lyrical tribute to anyone celebrating a special occasion, enriching your experience. Even those suspicious of verse fall in love with her compositions and recitals. Her ode to green tea is particularly a favourite.  And when you have delicious tea to indulge your taste buds, it has to be an unforgettable experience. Chocolate scones with clotted cream are a must-try but are only served with chocolate afternoon tea. To no surprise, Chesterfield received the Tea Guild Award for Excellence last year.

£27.50 (£30.94) –Chocolate afternoon tea
£25.50 (£28.69) –Chesterfield traditional afternoon tea
£33.50 (£37.69) –Champagne tea

Numbers in brackets mean price inclusive of discretionary service charge.

Even the continuous clink of cups on bon china and the crowd cannot tarnish the refinement that Claridge’s offers. The atmosphere is lively and the service is undeniably attentive. Teas are booked months in advance but the experience is worth the wait. With 40 teas to choose from, you definitely need some assistance, which is always on hand by the attentive staff. With platters of crumbly French pastries and dainty finger sandwiches, you’re sure to leave satisfied, delighted, and with a feeling to come for more. Apple scones and freshly baked raisin are served warm with Marco Polo Jam. Don’t forget to try! Sure enough, Tea Guild named it as the ‘Top London Afternoon Tea’ for 2011.

£38 – Traditional afternoon tea
£49-£62– champagne afternoon tea

The Dorchester
The Dorchester has won quite a few awards for its scrumptious teas. When you have famous marble and gold Promenade entrance lounge to enjoy your afternoon tea, the experience has to be marvellous. Indulge in either the traditional flavours or Champagne or the High tea whilst relishing the extravagance of the luxurious setting you’re sitting in. The sound, sights, scent, and savours, the Dorchester afternoon tea is truly a feast to all the senses. This well-lit place is ideal for those tea takers for whom enjoying tea and also eyeing up the glitz, glamour, and fellow diners is part and parcel of the whole experience.

You can choose from a distinct collection of over 20 imported teas, so just gear up to indulge your taste buds as there’s a lot to feast on.

£41 – Afternoon Tea
£51 – Champagne Afternoon Tea

The Connaught
Little has changed since the establishment of this oasis of calm – door attendants in hats and white gloves still greet guests to the grand entrance hall with mosaic floor and the age-old ritual of afternoon tea is re-enacted daily in the Espelette, a pretty room overlooking Tadao Ando’s water feature. The Connaught’s ’Chic and Shock’ is served with delicate finger sandwiches to complete your culinary ride. Fresh scones come from the Connaught bakery to join the class of 16 incredible jams, cakes, and pastries. If you feel you have over-indulged, use the grand mahogany staircase. Enjoy the age-old grandeur of this English country-house like hotel along with facilities that are up-to-date.

£38 – Afternoon Tea
£45 – Champagne Afternoon Tea (Laurent-Perrier Champagne)
£55 – Champagne Afternoon Tea (Laurent-Perrier Rose Champagne)

If you are an afternoon tea lover and planning to visit London, make sure, you book your stay at one of these luxurious accommodations. Along with sumptuous afternoon teas, these hotels offer a lot more to make your London trip treasured.
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