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Have you ever visited a city and got so enamoured by it that you made the city your home? The latest contributor to our “My London Love” series did. It is an honour for us to present to you the experiences of an avid traveller and London lover, Kapil Verma, on his stay in London. Read his experience to know various safe travelling tips, and the best place to have hot chocolate from.

  Story by Kapil Verma from London

Kapil Verma

When I came down to London, business was all I had on my mind but the beauty and serenity of the city captivated me forever!

History, Culture, Food and Boutiques – London has so much to offer! I came to London sometime back for a business meeting and the city bowled me over! After finishing with work, I did a two day tour of the capital, and trust me it took just one day to realise how much I had started loving London.

I chose the Hilton Hotel at Trafalgar Square for my stopover. The staff was quite welcoming and attentive to the needs, and the room service was excellent. Rooms were clean, comfortable and gave a homely feel.

Since I was in Central London, exploring the Convent Garden area was the first thing on my mind. I had heard a lot about the place. It’s touted as one of the best places to eat, sit and shop around the Trafalgar Square. Spending a few hours there left me wanting for more.

Besides going to popular spots like the Floral Street, St. Martin’s Backyard and The Opera Quarter, I also visited the Neal’s yard, a less-talked about place located very close by. The place transported me to another century. The photographer inside me was totally smitten by the aura. It became my favourite corner in London. I am sharing some pictures I clicked there.


The place also featured some amazing eateries and pubs. I would like to mention the Italian delicacies served at Bella Italia (after all, I am a die-hard fan of Italian food), a busy restaurant near the Convent Garden. My palate was filled with choicest delectable cuisines.

From Convent Garden I headed for the St. Paul’s Cathedral. How could have I missed visiting this landmark location in London. Just as I was told, the place still exhibited that centuries old charm. But what moved me was the way Londoners cared for, protected and maintained historical buildings like these. This thing left a lasting impression on me. I spent that evening sitting in the Apostrophe Cafe, enjoying finest boulangerie patisserie food, and wondering if every other city in world could pay as much heed to its heritage.

Next morning, as I was still figuring out my plans for the day, navigating through the clean streets of London, I was confronted with a rude shock. Quite abruptly the weather had gone from bright and sunny to torrentially rainy. And while I could do nothing but to drown, other Londoners nonchalantly pulled out their umbrellas and were not even bothered by the sudden shift in weather. This is one tip I would like to share with anyone who’s visiting London - always carry an umbrella. It can start raining anywhere and not get fooled by the sunshine!

Not being turned down by the rain, I continued with the will to explore London’s true heritage – its several museums. I went to the Natural History Museum, British Museum and Tate Modern – and each one enlightened me in more than one way.

British Museum

Once out of the British Museum, I was curious to proceed and explore the famous market place, Oxford Street. Although I am not much into shopping, but visiting the place is an experience in itself. It was fun to walk down to the market and observe various locals and tourists bargain for the best prices. And well, even I ended up buying some gifts for my family, including clothes, gadgets and various artefacts. And as if my thrill of the place wasn’t enough, the place surprised me further with a range of finest bakeries and patisseries around. Artigiano Cafe is one such cafe that I remember in particular. The place serves the best hot chocolate that I had ever tasted, and it is one of “go-to” places in London now.

While returning back to my hotel I realised that two days weren’t enough to explore this magnificent city. There was so much left to do. I had missed out on the London Aquarium, the London Dungeon and a couple of more places.

I can sum up my London trip in just one word – Wow! I fell for the city because of its multicultural origins and beautiful landscape. And I was so drawn towards its lifestyle that now I have made it my home! I am a Londoner J

A rather fine and bemusing experience comes to an end here. We are sure this post must have transported you back to a time when you visited the British capital. If you would like your travel experience to be featured on our blog, please feel free to get in touch with us at Even if you are not a writer, our team of writers would love to draft a travel story based on your experiences. Get in touch with us now, and let’s explore our love for London further.
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