Best Caribbean Restaurants in London

Savour the authentic taste of the West Indies without travelling to the islands of the Caribbean. Could it be possible? Of course, as there are plenty of authentic Caribbean restaurants in London City, which offer the best in jerk, curried, and stewed dishes. The capital understands that it is not just about jerk chicken, rice ’n’ peas, salt fish; Caribbean food is a perfect blend of native, African, and other colonial influences. To savour this eclectic cuisine, here are the best Caribbean restaurants in London that are no doubt a foodie’s delight.

Caribbean Junction
To taste a hearty selection of Caribbean foods in one hit, you can head to Caribbean Junction. Serving delicious jerk chicken, sorrel, and braised vegetables, this restaurant is loved for its prompt and courteous service. Don’t forget to try several different appetizers, including Guinness punch, stella artois beer, and tropicals. For more information, you can visit Caribbean Junction.

Bamboula’s Kitchen
Favourite of Londoners and Caribbean foodies, Bamboula’s Kitchen is popular for serving authentic tastes of Jamaica. Situated in the heart of lively Brixton, this restaurant offers you a great dining experience with perfect hospitality service. Lamb, jerk chicken, goat, and fish are top options for main course, while exotic salads and rice & peas are perfect for lunchtime. To get more information, you can visit the website here.

Just five minutes away from Camden Town tube station, Cottons is one of the modern restaurants in London that mixes British and West Indian styles to exceptional effect. The extensive menu at this venue, consisting of meat platter, jerk chicken, and sausage, will give your taste buds an exciting whack. To add extra feel to your experience, the restaurant boasts a nice bar that is quite popular among Londoners for its extensive rum collections. If you want to enjoy this diverse cuisine at Cotton’s during your stay in London, then it is suggested to opt for an accommodation near Camden Town underground station.

Jerk City
As ‘Caribbean Cuisine’ continues to create its own identity, it becomes clearer how innovative Jerk City restaurant really was. Serving a hearty selection of themed dishes, the restaurant is on everyone’s list of favourites. With seasoned meats and vegetables, the menu here is just like that in a restaurant in West Indies. To really immerse yourself in the Caribbean culture, don’t forget to try fish fritters, salt fish dumplings, and fried plantain.

These restaurants with their authentic Caribbean cuisine and pure Jamaica touch will vow your hearts. Make sure you include any one of them into your itinerary the next time you visit London.
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