Best Places to Hang-Out This Father’s Day in London

The Father’s Day event in London is greeted with fervent pomp and show. The city that already brightens up with the onset of summers, adds a new shade to its vibrant colours as the Father’s Day sets in. Come to London this June 15 and you would definitely not want to miss all the fun and excitement happening around the day dedicated to all the Daddies! Wish to organize the best Father’s Day surprise, why not visit the capital and give your old man one of the best times of his lives? People visiting London this year around the middle of June, can easily get to enjoy a range of Father’s Day Special activities being organized in the city. Here’s counting a few prominent ones.


Enjoy the Quintessential British Afternoon Tea

First things first, London is the place where you would want to be with your Father, especially because the city brightens up for the special day. To begin with, you can simply check in to the Milestone Hotel in Kensington, as they are coming up with a special Gentleman’s Afternoon Tea, especially on the occasion of Father’s day. The menu is designed specifically for the masculine gentlemen, and brings about a vintage flavour to the quintessential British Afternoon Tea.

Visit Various London Museums and Art Galleries

London has a rich cultural heritage, and has always attracted the explorers of arts and culture. If your father happens to have a deep interest in arts and collectibles, you should definitely visit the thought-provoking art galleries and museums in London. The National Gallery, National Portrait Gallery etc offer an enthralling experience for free. British Museum, on the other hand, is very well stocked and carries important information about our past. Besides, wouldn’t you want to take your father to the epic Madame Tussauds and experience the thrill and excitement of looking the real-as-alive wax statues of various world renowned celebrities that include the Queen, Julia Roberts, David Beckham, Kate Winslet and more? Also, if you are travelling from outside London, you can stay around all these exciting locations by booking your stay near the British Museum.And since it is the Father’s Day, you may get good discounts on your bookings as well.

Father’s Day Special Shopping

The very fact that you are in London, and that it is a special occasion, makes shopping totally undeniable. The capital is famous for its glorious shopping streets and centres. And in addition to providing any and everything that you may possibly want to buy, these streets also offer a beautiful look inside the old design and decor of London. Kensington Street, Olympia and Oxford Street are amongst the most popular shopping places in London. If this sounds tempting, you may also stay near the Oxford Street and ease out your travel woes.

Sporting Events Galore

While you are hopping between different museums, and perhaps are shopping on the way, you may also drop by a sports museum or book a tour to one of the stadiums like Wembley, Olympic etc. 

Besides, on the very same day, Go Dad Run, a marathon is being organized, to create the awareness for Prostate Cancer. You might want to send your daddy to sweat it out and run the marathon for a noble cause.

Flock Down to Various Special Events

Various special events and exhibitions are being organized in London around the Father’s Day. If your father is interested in history, relive the epic historical drama of the Napoleon war at the Waterloo Festivalan event meant specifically for adults, and one that recreates the entire grandeur of the Napoleon war. You may also want to take a quite walk with your Father in the bewitching beauty of the Open Garden Square Weekend, an event that covers over 200 historical and new-age gardens in different London Boroughs. Take your pick!

And how can we forget the food

There are a lot of options to indulge in your appetite while travelling along the streets of London during this occasion. The summertime clears the way for a lot of open-air activities. You can also visit one of the many popular open air restaurants in London. Besides, you may also visit any of the popular beer gardens or hop on to the Cocktail Safari being organized near the Regent Street. The safari is going to cover various awesome cocktail hang outs in London, and obviously, if your father enjoys alcohol, he is going to simply adore this safari.

End the Night in a Nightclub, maybe?

And now, to take things up a few notches, why not check out a few of London’s amazing Nightclubs? Ministry of Sound, EGG, Club Aquarium, are all some of the many popular nightclubs of London, offering an eclectic mix of dance, music, drinks and more. If your father has still got the youthful charm, why not go clubbing with him and connect at a completely different level altogether?

Finalize the Plans and Get Set Go!

We have tried to provide you with the best of information. And now, you shouldn’t really be wasting much time taking the final decision. Understand what is it that you father would like, and then go on. Plan an entire day and surprise your Father.

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