Best Places to Propose Your Valentine in London

Of course, hiring a private capsule on The London Eye is awesome – but not original. Sunset strolls along a river, a secluded stay in a royal suite, and a candlelit dinner at a stylish eatery sound a little more interesting. If you want to make your proposal unique, then here are some of the quirky places where you will probably secure the answer you are after.
Proposal with Panoramic Views

Secluded Stay in a Royal Suite
There are many famous hotels in London, but few could offer such Royal Suites as Grange St Paul’s. The suite is lavishly sized, offering separate lounge areas and stunning views of St. Paul’s Cathedral. Saying, "Will You Marry Me?", while enjoying a secluded stay with your partner will be a perfect idea.

Leisurely Stroll along the Thames
What could be more romantic than taking a leisurely sunset stroll along the river Thames with your partner? South Bank and Millennium Bridge are perfect places, where the gleam of water feeds the sparkle in spectator’s eyes. So, why not enjoy a sunset walk at these places with your favourite girl.

Champagne at an Open-Air Bar
Sipping on champagne with impressive views will most likely be enough to astound her. Vista is an iconic sky bar in Central London that boasts an unmatched backdrop of the cityscape. So, why not use this unique, boutique venue to propose your valentine.

The View from the Shard
To enjoy the best view of London Skyline, nothing is better than the Shard. It is an iconic, landmark building, where you can see the mesmerizing views of St. Paul’s Cathedral, Tower of London, and Big Ben. Get on bended knee and propose your valentine. Just a little suggestion – don’t forget the ring.

Carriage Ride at 51 Buckingham Gate
The magnificence of a magical English tradition, a carriage ride is probably one of the most charming times in a woman’s life. 51 Buckingham Gate is a renowned five star hotel that allows guests to experience a carriage ride. The ride will take you back in time to a romantic era of 1800’s. So, it’s also one of the perfect times to ask your favourite girl to marry you.

Climb up The Monument

Big Ben and St Paul’s Cathedral are actually crowded with tons of travellers, so why not go offbeat and avoid the crowd. Despite it is surrounded by the city’s top skyscrapers, The Monument still panoramic views over London. If your partner is a history buff, then it’s perfect to climb 311 steps and secure the answer you’re after.

Kyoto Garden in Holland Park
If you are looking for an inexpensive venue for a proposal, then Kyoto Japanese Garden is just for you. Located in Holland Park, this beautiful garden is a haven of tranquility and calm. A picturesque waterfall adds extra elegance to this green space. So, lead your valentine by the hand and wander through the lush greenery.

The Montague on the Gardens
If you are searching for a unique way to propose your partner during winters, then look no further than the Montague Ski Lodge. Located at The Montague On The Gardens, this lodge is pleased to assist or facilitate any extra romantic touches you might have in mind. Ski racks, snowmen, pine trees, and fairy lights are just a few features that make this venue a special place. To add extra flair to your experience, the venue also offers flavoured vodkas and cream liqueurs.

Diamond ring in champagne glass can surprise you girl and maybe work for you. However, why not make your proposal unique with London’s original and quirky places. These places ensure you have an enchanting time with your valentine that you will always remember.
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