Beware of Common Tourist Scams in London

Planning a romantic break or family holiday to London city? If so, then you must be excited about searching for your hotel room. But, what could go wrong with such a well-planned, superb getaway? It might be a travel scam that occurs in quite a few places where the victim has little, if any, recourse. Usually, these events involve losing nothing more than a few pounds or dollars and a bit of self-esteem. But, for some budget-conscious travellers, the experience can draw a dark cloud over an entire holiday. Here are some of the most common travel scams that every traveller should be aware of.

Taxi Scams

There’s no doubt, you’re weary after having a long distance journey, dressed in the inappropriate clothes for the weather, and eager to reach your hotel room. But i
f there’s anything you should keep away from, it’s taxi drivers as they have a reputation the world over for their fraudulent tricks. A dishonest taxi driver can steal your hard earned cash on the trip from the airport to your hotel.

Golden Rule
: If possible, ask your hotel to arrange a taxi for you, rather than getting one from the streets. Just remember not to hire a private cab unless you agree a price upfront.

Restaurant Scams

After enjoying an appetizing meal, it’s alluring to just leave your debit or credit card on the silver plate without inspecting the bill. But, it is good to have a quick check on the calculation, price, and food item(s) ordered. There’re many travellers who have found an error and the attendant has apologized for the extra drink or appetizer that someway found its way onto the tab.

Golden Rule:
Do a little search on the restaurants you want to visit during your journey. Never get into any restaurant just because it’s conveniently located next to your tourist spot.

Street Scams

Be careful, if somebody is offering you a free souvenir. Be it a flower, religious book, or an attracting gift, receiving these ‘free souvenirs’ from visitors will result in a long-standing and often nasty demand for money. Just say politely ‘no thanks’ or ‘I have to go’ when a stranger approached you with worthless gifts.

Golden Rule:
Don’t stop walking when a foreigner comes close to you and offers assistance for an uncertain reason like this.

The Fake Police

As a traveller in a foreign nation, you’re most likely not familiar with the typical uniform of a police officer. Some scam artists take advantage of this and pretend to be police officers to deceive the unaware traveller. These fake police officers are waiting around the crowded popular attractions; they search for a possible victim and ask him to check the wallet. But before you understand it, they’ll be disappeared with your wallet. Underground stations, bus stops, and museums are some of the places where these scams usually happen.

Golden Rule:
The best way is to politely ask the respective officer to show his official ID.

No matter whichever part of the world you’re travelling, these common travel scams can draw a dark cloud over your splendid holiday. Stick to the golden rules that can help you avoid these tricks. If you have any experience to tell about getting ripped off at certain point on your travel, then kindly share it with other readers.

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