British Things to Do in London

Being a capital city of England and UK, London has loads of things to do for those who want to know more about the British Culture and Heritage. From vintage royal shopping to cultural sightseeing highlights, the city is chock full of things that are perfect to get an insight into British monarchs throughout the ages.

Whether you dream of walking in the footsteps of Sherlock Holmes or you are a great fan of Shakespeare’s poems, there are places that will take you back in time through the hidden stories and museums. Here are some of the things that every Brit must do when visiting the capital of England:

Royal places to visit in London

A Walk of Royal London
If regal robes, crown jewels, and ceremonial carriages entice you, then it is time to get over your fascination. Start your journey with the principal workplace of the British sovereign, Buckingham Palace. Originally built in 1705, it is one of the Queen’s official residences that have been in service since 1837.
Once you have explored the 19 lavishly embellished staterooms of this palace, you can head to Hampton Court Palace. This court palace was the official residence of King Henry VIII. His six wives lived in this palace until their death; certainly, this is where the king made an offer of marriage to Jane Seymour.

London walking tours

Trace the Footprints of British’s Legends
If you are a lover of literature and history alike, then the city gives you an opportunity to follow the footprints of William Shakespeare and Charles Dickens. The walking tours will take you through the alleyways and riverside paths that were familiar to both these legends.

It is true that Dickens and Shakespeare’s attract everyone’s attraction, but if you find yourself less interested in literature and history. Then, don’t get worried. The city is also home to the thrilling stories and fairy tales of Sherlock Holmes. You can visit the places that are familiar to this fictional character.

Luxury hotels in London

Take a Pride of Britain Luxury Stay
The city is home to some of the most traditional English hotels, and many of them are traveller attractions in their own. These lavish accommodations offer traditional-designed suites, opulent facilities, swimming pools, and cool bars. You can sample the lives of the King and Queen by staying at one of these hotels. Milestone Hotel, Hazlitt’s, and Twenty Nevern Square are some of the options to try.

Best British food in London

Savour the Best English Food
From ethnic cuisine to fast food chains, British cooking has gained a remarkable response in the couples of years ago. London has no shortage of British restaurants that serve the meals in an English style. Hawksmoor Spitalfields, Hereford Road, and Social Eating House are some of the great restaurants for those looking for authentic British food.

London shopping

Shop like a Brit
If you are a Brit and you are a shopaholic too, then it is going to be fashion-fuelled vacation. A treasure trove of fashion, London understands the shopping needs of everyone, be it a global traveller or a Brit. Innovation, class, and pure style are what Brits need, when it comes to shopping. Regent Street and Spitalfields are both temples to fashion aficionados. So, stroll to these streets and don’t forget to visit the city’s oldest shops like Hamleys and Banana Republic.

If you like, everything British, then consider these things for your next London trip. These things will ensure that have an unforgettable itinerary while you are staying in the capital.
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