Brooklyn Bowl Opens in London after New York

After gaining a huge success in New York, Brooklyn Bowl has just crossed the pond with its new branch in London. Opened on 17th January, 2014 at London’s famous concert arena O2, this bowling alley also boasts a music venue, restaurant, bars. Since its opening, the venue has been offering a variety of entertainment options to its customers. This place is catering to all the Londoners and travellers who like to enjoy a bowling game or love to watch a musical act, while sticking to their favourite beer taps. But, if you’re still thinking why you should visit Brooklyn Bowl, then here are some of the reasons to check out.

It is true that no restaurant comes close to Brooklyn Bowl’s Blue Ribbon for ambience. This restaurant has opened the first outlet outside United States to introduce Londoners the fresh flavours of American food. It serves a great selection of New York favourites including Cajun catfish, French bread pizzas, and proper fried chicken. So, if you want to taste a whole host of American foods in one hit, don’t miss to visit Brooklyn Bowl. The best way to visit this venue is to stay close to Greenwich, as it is just a few minutes away from there.


Are you in need of a pint? If yes, then why not enjoy a beer here and bring real pleasure to your drinking experience. This music venue is home to three bars, offering creative cocktails and sophisticated surroundings. The layout of one of the bars is quite similar to Coney Island shooting gallery and is a carbon copy of the bar in New York. But, rather than serving the New York’s popular beer brand, the bar has decided to serve cocktails loved by Londoners.
Musical Acts
No doubt, Brooklyn Bowl astonished New Yorkers with its bowling alley and live performances. The venue is also rewarded with a title of ‘20th best music club in America’ by the leading magazine, Rolling Stone. Kanye West, Guns N’ Roses, Adele, and Snoop Dogg are just a few names that have graced the Brooklyn Bowl’s stage in New York. The founders are expecting to receive the similar calibre of musical acts in London as well. Ellie Goulding attended the opening ceremony of this music venue in London. And, there are many other musical acts that are scheduled for the upcoming weekends. So, if you want to see a live musical performance, then stay in touch to know what is happening on the main stage.
Whether you are a serious bowler or a boozer who is looking for a hang out, this place is just for you. Retro-style design with12 bowling lanes, plush leather sofas, neon lights, and live music are just a few features that make this bowling alley unique from other venues. The best part of this venue is that the lanes can be booked by time rather than per game. So, lace up your shoes, choose a bowling lane, and watch the great artists playing live on stage.

Brooklyn Bowl is an amazing entertainment venue, full of gaming activities and fun. You will find cool bars, tasty American-style food, 12 bowling lanes, and much more.
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