Your Guide Book to Not Annoying Locals When in London

Okay travellers! You might have noticed or not, but there are certain rules to travelling  and that goes much beyond packing your passport. When you are travelling in London (or any place else,) there are certain rules you have got to follow. That is, if you wouldn’t want to appear silly in a foreign land, and would really like to get along well with the locals.
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A Peek into Intriguing and Exciting Life of Shoreditch

Welcome to the land of murals, maverick artists and ceaseless merrymaking; welcome to Shoreditch! The place that once held (and possibly inspired) the creative genius of Shakespeare, right now offers one of the most artistically stimulating and intriguing experience in London. Being the former grim and shady industrial warehouse of the richer neighbourhoods, Shoreditch has survivedcultural snobbery, increasing crimes, and the Blitz attack, to now emerge as an artsy and invigorating area of London. Today, we intend to celebrate the grit and the resilience of this place and discuss what makes it one of the most visited spots in London.Read More»

London Calling: Yet another Reason to be in the British Capital This Holiday Season

A recent study projects that London will be the most frequented city in 2014. As per the Mastercard Global Destination Cities Index, the British capital is likely to welcome 18.7 million international tourists by the end of this year. This means Bangkok, which was world’s most popular city in terms of international visitors in 2013, will soon slip down to the second position. The index is currently in its fourth year and counts the opinion of the visitors who spend at least one night in 132 cities across the world.Read More»

Why You Should Visit Brockley, South East London

London is a city with 32 small ’towns’ within it, each has its own sense of identity, history, and charm. A hidden yet magical gem, Lewisham is a multi-cultural borough and is a well known artistic hub with over hundreds of attractions and leisure venues. Brockley is one of the most cherished districts, located in the London Borough of Lewisham. The town is home to fine restaurants, comfortable hotels, cosy pubs, fashionable shops, and a pleasing village-like atmosphere. Here are some of the top best reasons to visit Brockley, South East London.Read More»

Things You Only Get in London

Do you know what people find most unique about London? If no, then you have come to the right place. One of the authentic and simplest ways to find out is to search at the Twitter or Google+ using hashtag (like #onlyinlondon). The user reviews will surely help you to discover some of the best-kept secrets and attractions that the city has to offer.Read More»
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