You DO NOT Want to Visit the City of London Without Reading THIS Guide!

London is one of those rare cities in the world that has struck the right balance between development and culture. And if you are intrigued by either of the three – London’s rich culture, London’s progress, or just London for that matter, there is one small area that encompasses the cream of it all. Welcome to the City of London – one of those rare places that seems to just have it all!Read More»

Travel from Dublin to London: A Practical Guide

Are you planning a trip to London from Dublin sometime soon? Heartiest congratulations then, as we believe, visiting the British Capital ensures one amazing time. The city that is famous for its royal tradition and ancestry, along with growth and development and bustling nightlife, offers a lot to her visitors. London isn’t that different from Dublin in terms of whether, and owing to a large extent of Irish population staying in London, the city easily makes the Irish people feel at home. However, visitors often find the fast pace of the city quite intimidating. To help you perfectly plan your trip and get the maximum out of your visit to London, we have come up with a comprehensive travel guide for the Irish. The guide includes comprehensive information about travelling, staying and getting around in the capital, and what all you can do once you are in the capital, including the Irish club and bars, nightlife, events, shopping and more. Read More»

London Travel Guide: What’s Hot & What’s Not

With so many historical attractions, the best European theatre scene, more green space than any other major city on earth and much else besides, it is no wonder that London has become the most visited city in the world ahead of Paris in 2013.Read More»

London for Free

Yeah, London is an expensive city. And the city’s most popular attractions can mean splurging a hefty chunk of a tour’s budget on tickets. London Eye ticket ranges from £26 to £50, Tower of London starts from £22, and Westminster Abbey costs near about £18.Read More»
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