I Loved London So Much that I Could Spend Rest of My Life Here – My London Love

When my husband suggested that we take a tour to London, I couldn’t help but agree. The city has always been one of my dream destinations so I grappled the opportunity to explore it with both hands! It’s an extraordinary place, steeped in a fine blend of distinct people and their diverse cultures. Read More»

It was Blissful Discovering London on My Own – My London Love

I have always been fascinated with the British Culture –British Landmarks, British Flag, and even the All English Breakfast. So when time presented the opportunity to visit the British Capital, I just couldn’t resist it. I booked my train from Leeds to London. On the Leeds station, I remember feeling very nostalgic and ambivalent.Read More»

The Royal City Remains Close to My Heart and Soul - My London Love

As a young girl, I was always fascinated with the royalty of London; and also the fact that a woman monarch ruled it. So when an opportunity came at work to travel to the British capital, I was the first one to jump-grab it. And for once, when my trip to London got confirmed, I felt elated.Read More»

25 Years…and London is Still Alive in Me– My London Love

I left for England on my 17th birthday. It was so exciting! My best friend and I were traveling with our church youth choir. Looking back, we both wish we had been able to appreciate the history of the places we visited, namely Westminster Abbey and St Paul’s Cathedral. Read More»

All It Takes Is a Day to Fall In Love with London – My London Love

History, Culture, Food and Boutiques – London has so much to offer! I came to London sometime back for a business meeting and the city bowled me over! After finishing with work, I did a two day tour of the capital, and trust me it took just one day to realise how much I had started loving London.Read More»
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