Dining with a Difference at Quirky Eateries near Hotels in Central London

If you are looking for a unique dining experience, there is no shortage of quirky and themed eateries in London. Eating out should be a treat and not a chore. These restaurants with a twist spark your imagination with their unique themes and setting.  Many of these quirky places to eat are located close to top hotels in central London.

Tourists, who are tired of usual eateries and want to try something a little different, can head to these top quirky restaurants that London locals are keeping for themselves.

Entering this quirky place will make you forget the outer world. The place is fully decorated with odd plants and art work from all over the world. The mood lighting gives a unique and foreign feel to this place. The most unusual thing about this eatery is its menu which includes crocodile, wildebeest, scorpion, and crickets. All things considered, this is one of the weirdest places to eat in London.


Exotic cuisines are served combined with joyous music and colourful interior. This place is truly a feast to the senses. It delights the heart, pleases the eyes, and captures the soul.  The only thing you can expect here is the unexpected. This opera style eatery features live opera on Mondays/Sundays. The food is as good as the decor.

Beach Blanket Babylon

This quirky place is a network of rooms connected by tunnels, walkways, and staircases. Eating out at Beach Blanket Babylon makes you feel as if you have entered a Georgian English mansion. With imposing statues and vintage furnishings, the interior looks marvellous. The restaurant serves seasonal modern European delights.

Book your stay with top London hotels to stay in proximity to these quirky places to eat. A visit to London is not complete without eating out at its bizarre restaurants.
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