Experience the Magic of 4D Cinema at the London Eye

Experience the Magic of 4D Cinema at the London Eye Close to Westminster London Hotel

London is all about attending and participating in variety of events taking place all throughout the year. The capital city is a vibrant one as far as events are concerned. Tourists coming to London will find plenty of options as every now and then there is something new happening in London. What about experiencing the magic of 4D cinema at the London Eye? It is conveniently located within walking distance from hotels in London.

Those staying close to Westminster tube station get the opportunity to witness this truly amazing event. As London Eye is one of the most well recognised and cherished attraction and offer stunning views of the city to the visitors coming in. It now combined with the next generation of cinematic technology by introducing a 4D cinema experience. The cinema presents glorious London landmarks along with special effects to create a dazzling look and feel.

Feel the Wind in Your Hair:

Throughout the film, audiences are being given special sensory effects that include falling snow, gentle breeze, smell of the New Years Eve fireworks and shaking ground etc. These are some of the effects which you can actually witness before your flight in the London Eye.

Special Cinema:

The 4D cinema is specially designed besides the splendid riverside attraction. It costs around £5 million to construct this magical cinematic experience. This four minute film is shown beforehand and it is included in the standard admission ticket price of a ride in the giant wheel. London Eye has included a 3D aerial footage of the city that gives a unique bird’s eye view, Tower Bridge, St Pauls Cathedral and even the top of London Eye.

Music from Goldfrapp and Coldplay feature in the entire 4D film and the soundtracks even accompany the entire 3D action shown. There is plenty of amusement available to please people of all age groups.

This attraction allure thousands of travellers every year thus, considered as a prominent landmark of the city.

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