Find Out How To Plan a Haunting Trip To London City With Your Family!

The best way to introduce kids to history is, taking them through a close experience. Add to your kids’ knowledge by planning a tour to the haunted sites, castles and historic palaces which still have the echoes of past. Book your stay with one of the family London hotels in the heart of the city, to keep close to these trip options.
However, these attractions are not for small kids. It will be a better idea to take big children here, and watch the truly horrifying views. This will be fun, exciting and a lot to learn, but only for big children:
The London Bridge Experience
London Bridge Experience will bring you a complete Halloween’s experience with a lot to learn about the past of the city. Know how London came into existence with the Queen Boudiccia thwarting the Romans. This site also shows the breaking of Great Fire of London. This adventure through time is going to be different, as you will be able to sense the horror through all your senses.
Tower of London
Tower of London has several stories and royal names associated with it. You hunt the facts related to the “Phantom bear at the castle’, and “Arbella Stuart”. Find out the names associated with it, from William the Conqueror to the Queen Elizabeth I. Listen to the exciting tales about the Tower of London, by planning trip to this rare sight. It is one of the most precious views that London has to offer.
The Ghost Bus Tours
Why not board a horror bus to the ghostly sights, and undertake a spooky journey? Ghost Bus Tour is an evening bus tour, which offers a eerie journey to various destinations. It is finest haunting trip planner of the city, which will take you through all the scariest experiences of the city. Find out when does the bus leave, and reserve your seat with it. Besides all the fun, this will be one splendid tour for the curious childhood of your kids.

Register yourself for these haunting trips in the city, which will take you to the yester years of London. You can book a stay with central London hotels, to make your travel within the city convenient.

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