Gear Yourself up for the City of London Festival

If you are planning a visit to London, then the right time has come. The city of London festival, the annual arts festival in London, commences from 23rd of June. This month long extravaganza is one of the biggest music-related festivals of the city. Based on the three intertwined themes of Conflict and Resolution, City Walls and Trees, this festival is a “must-go” for music lovers and tourists alike.

However, keep note of the fact that the best hotels in London may get fully booked as the event approaches. It would be good, therefore, for you to book yourself an accommodation well in advance so that you can enjoy this musical heaven without any worries.

As mentioned, this festival is all about musical shows, concerts and much more. The basic information regarding the festival is given below:

  • Event: The City of London Festival
  • Venue: Multiple venues across the City
  • Date: 23rd June-26th July
  • Timing: Depends upon the event you want to attend
  • Admission Fee: Most of the events are free (outdoor in particular)

For further information about the timings and pricing, visit the official website

The City of London Festival
The City of London festival is a summer programme of music, visual arts, films, walks and talks. The main procession of the event will be on 28th June 2013 when the Carnival Parade will immerse the Square Mile at around 12.45 pm. Afterwards; about thousand children will congregate at the St. Paul’s Cathedral for a live concert at 1.30 pm. Admission to the procession is free.
The highlights of this year’s festivals include performances marking the 100th anniversary of Benjamin Britten’s birth (centre point of British classical music), a choral and orchestral work signifying the 400-year relationship between London and Londonderry and much more. Some of the most significant events of this year’s festival are:

St. Paul’s Cathedral will play host to three classical music concerts. The first one would be the Britten’s ‘War Requiem’ coupled with the world-famous “City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra”. The second one is the tribute to Handel’s ‘Utrecht Te Deum and Jublilate’. The third one would be the magical synchronisation of London Symphony Orchestra and Tenebrae (a Christian religious service), recreating the magic of artists like Josquin and Richard Strauss.
Walks, Talks and Debates
Thought-provoking debates and talks on various topics will take place at this event. “Worlds in Collision”, a two-day conference will be focused on the healing power of music and its positive effects in treating post-trauma experiences.
Another significant event would be ‘Gresham Lectures’. It is a series of five festival-themed lectures ranging from unravelling the story of London-Londonderry relationship to guided tours of the festival.
Free Summer Events Programme
London’s unusual venues will host close to 100 free events related to arts of different forms, be it visual or musical. The highlight of this programme is the’ Family Day on Hampstead Heath’ with Northern Ireland being the prominent theme. Titled “Irish Roots”, here you will have a chance to peek at the culture of Northern Ireland.
Mobile Orchard

A pop-up mobile orchard with real and fabricated trees will be taken to the city’s various locations during the course of the festival. The premise behind this idea is to educate both the visitors and the natives about the flora of the London city.
If you are in search of an event, where you can find an unparalleled mix of diverse music forms on one hand and enlightening programmes on the other, this is the festival for you.
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