Geeky Places to Visit in London

It is true that London Eye, Buckingham Palace, and Big Ben make London proud. However, there are plenty of geeky places in London too, which are famous for their own charms. And if you’re a geek, then you will love this magical capital for its quirky side. No matter you are into science, technology, or other geeky subjects, London has something for everyone. So, get ready to explore these must-see places where something historically geeky happened and that are open to the public.

IMAX Cinema
If you are enthusiastic and curious about movies, IMAX Cinema is the place to get over your obsession. A quick stroll from Waterloo Station, this cinema has one of the largest screens in Britain. Don’t forget to check out the amazing 3D experience, as this is the main draw of the venue. To make your movie experience worthwhile, the cinema always offers a range of super hit international films.

The Wellcome Collection
The presence of British Museum and Victoria and Albert Museum may have made you to think that London doesn’t need any more museums. However, this unusual ’museum’ is a quite new addition to city’s treasure for its collection in the field of science, history, art, and life. Exhibitions are displayed in a completely new and revolutionary way. Wellcome Collection is also a favourite of top geek, Stephen Fry.

Brunel Museum
If medical science is not your geeky subject, then maybe you’ll find Brunel Museum an amazing place to explore. Perfect for any history buff, this museum fascinates geeks who hold an interest in the remarkable story of the construction and subsequent history of the Thames Tunnel. This museum will take you back in time where you can collect the amazing facts of the early exploits of country’s premiere engineers.

Besides, the museum has a beautiful café that serves tea, coffee, and delicious homemade cakes in the opening hours. You can also add extra flair to your geek experience by booking a historic hotel in London. Some of the legendary hotels are Claridge’s, The Dorchester, and The Connaught that have gained landmark status in the minds of Londoners and travellers alike.


The Royal Observatory, Greenwich
There are plenty of places that claim to be ‘located at the prime meridian’, but only the Royal Observatory proves true to the title. Located on a hill in Greenwich Park, this Victorian architecture building played a key role in the past of astronomy and navigation. While exploring this beautiful building, don’t forget to see the amazing planetarium and refraction telescope.

Inamo Restaurant
Next time you’re in London; don’t miss to taste delicious cuisines at Inamo Restaurant. This is a hi-tech Japanese restaurant where you can enjoy an interactive ordering experience. Touch screen menu on the table is enough to impress any geek, who is feeling peckish. Besides, the restaurant gives you an opportunity to change the design of interactive tables or look at the chef cooking through web cam.

Such geeky places will make your trip to London even more enlightening and fascinating.
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