Get the Feel of the City in Just One Day While Staying in Hotels Central London

Tourists travel to the capital city of London every year for a holiday vacation; however those who do not have enough time to spend here can even get the feel of the city in just one day. If you are here in London for a single day, there is no time for you to waste if you have to enjoy the city a bit. Though, it will be a kind of rush situation, but still you will be able to visit some most important places.

Hotels Central London takes you to a journey for just a day as a tourist can visit popular sites and attractions in the morning, can top up their energy levels at lunchtime and last but not the least can do people watching in the afternoon.

Fresh Mornings:

If you just have one day in your hand you won’t want to miss out any major site, thus Buckingham Palace can be the place to start with as it is one of the most famous attractions in London. Changing the Guard ceremony is yet another popular 30 minute observance to watch. The iconic Big Ben must be the next targeted place for anyone to visit that stands proud just outside the Parliament. Westminster Abbey is another major British attraction.

Lazy Afternoons:

There is no time to make your afternoons lazy. Those who are persuading the Tate can grab a meal at the seventh floor restaurant while enjoying the panoramic views of the city. If museums are not your thing then you must walk back to the other side of the river towards the charming square of Covent Garden which is full of performers and tourists all over.

Startling Evenings:

As evening sets in, London looks even more beautiful and there are plenty of things to do at that time of the day. Some galleries and museums host late night shows or displays. Tower Bridge is amazing to see at this time as it is completely lit up.

Don’t miss the opportunity to witness these attractions and places in order to get the feel of the London city.
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