Guided Walking Tours – Best Way to Explore London

What better way to discover London than walking the city’s streets in a leisurely way. Be it a must-see or a lesser-known attraction, these tours cover most of the tourist places in London.

Guided Walking tours offer visitors an opportunity to enjoy a fully narrated tour of London, while keeping the travelling cost within budget. Whether you are a royalty obsessed or you are a Shakespeare’s fan, these walking tours promise to fulfil your travel wishes. However, before you stroll in the streets of London, make certain to book a spa hotel where you can pamper your weary feet:

Harry Potter London Walk
Get ready to discover the magical side of London with Harry Potter Walking Tour. After contributing eight successful movies, this legendary studio is now open to entertain the fans. A hot favourite among Harry Potter fans, this tour exhibits the actual sets, props, cosmetics, and visual effects used in movies. Even if you are not Potter-obsessed, you will still value the creativity on display and the surprisingly impressive work. This dazzling tour, covering all areas including Hogwarts Great Hall, Dumbledore’s Office, and The Knight Bus is perfect for families.

Shakespeare’s Walking Tour
If you want to discover Shakespeare’s early and complicated life while exploring attractive hidden parts of London, then Shakespeare’s Walking Tour is just for you. It will take you back in time, into the enchanting journey through streets, buildings, and riverside alleys that were familiar to William Shakespeare. To make your walk a history-filled experience, the tour includes Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre and its sister, Blackfriars Theatre and places where probably Othello and Macbeth were written too.

Sandeman’s New London Tours
When it comes to explore the royal side of London city, it is hard to be disappointed with Sandeman’s New London tour. Perfect for budget travellers, this walking tour leads visitors from one important royal attraction to another. Tourists can experience Changing of the Guards ceremony at Buckingham Palace and many unrevealed places where royalty have lived and worked throughout their lives. This guided tour will help you explore more about the royal family and attractions.

Walking Tour from Blackheath to Greenwich
This walking tour offers an amazing view of London’s oldest park that has almost 600 years of trees and planting. Sited on top of a hill, Greenwich Park offers amazing views across the River Thames to the City of London and beyond. To add extra flair to your royal park experience, there are plenty of elegant boutiques, cafes, and ice-cream parlours en route.

With these wonderful walking tours, you are sure to explore London in a relaxed manner and at the lowest possible cost.
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