How to Stay Connected When Visiting London

Whether you are a responsible mother concerned about your family or a corporate traveller visiting London for a business affair, it is essential to stay connected while travelling abroad. London understands that no traveller can afford to be disconnected in a generation, where it becomes a necessity to check your email every half-hour and check out Twitter updates every 15 minutes. Therefore, for those who cannot afford to stay aloof from the web world, here are some ways that help you get in touch while minimizing the cost of texting and calls.

Pay-As-You-Go SIM Card
Of course, using your native phone network will cost you more. However, if you have a GSM phone, you can consider Pay-As-You-Go SIM Card which wave off the roaming charges. These SIM cards give you the ability to make affordable local as well as worldwide calls — but usually need an unlocked phone to work. There are also plenty of mobile telephone shops in London, which rent SIM cards to travellers. So, stay in touch with your family and friends at the local rate with this cheap SIM card.

Internet Cafes
It is nearly unrealistic for any traveller or local to stay offline in London for more than a day or two, thanks to city’s wide range of cyber cafés and Wi-Fi enabled places. Some cafes not only offer internet access but also offer a fine variety of food and drinks to make your time a little easier. Besides, Starbucks, McDonald’s, Pret a Manger, and Caffe Fratelli are some of the places, where you can access free Wi-Fi while satisfying your taste buds.

Hotels with Free Wi-Fi
The big gotcha moment for any traveller typically comes when he gets to know that his hotel will charge extra for internet access. These internet charges may vary from £6 to £12 per day; however, if you have to check your mails regularly or stay in touch with family through Skype, it may be worth it to face the situation. Paying an extra fee for Wi-Fi can stretch your staying budget, so it is better to find a pricier (and nicer) hotel with free Wi-Fi or wired internet. Ashburn Hotel, Jumeirah Carlton Tower, and The Tophams Hotel are some of the renowned hotels in London that offer free Wi-Fi with 24 hours room services. These hotels ensure that you will get everything you desire and have a more comfortable stay.

VoIP Apps for Smart Phones
There are plenty of great VoIP (Voice Over Internet Provider) apps that you can install to stay in touch with colleagues, family members and other contacts. Viber, MobileVoip, Line, and netTALK are some of the famous apps allowing you to call directly from your smart phone. To run these apps, all you need to do is pay for a local internet package, or even connect through Wi-Fi. And the best part is that there is no constraint on where the receiver is based. These apps enable you to enjoy free calls, video chat, and text messages on every Smart phone, whether it is Android, iOS or Windows.

With these simple ways, you can enjoy affordable overseas calling and stay connected with your family and friends.
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