How to Travel By Air to London with Your Baby

Travelling with a baby or a young child sometimes becomes an overwhelming task for you as a parent. No matter how quiet your kid is, but sitting in the confined spaces of an aircraft can frustrate your child a lot. Kids are always bubbling with energy. Therefore, it becomes irritating for them to stay rooted to their seats through the whole journey.

If you are flying to London with your kid or baby, prepare beforehand. If you are uncertain about planning, read the tips given below. You can follow these travel tips when you are flying with a baby or a young child:

  1. While booking tickets, ask the airlines for special seats for your little ones (some airlines offer special seats and packages if you are travelling with kids or a baby). Additionally, book your tickets well in advance to avoid last minute rush.
  2. Decide the time of the travel. If you are flying with a small baby, then night is the best time as there is minimal movement during that period.
  3. For you cabin baggage, keep backpacks. This will free your hands and handling your kids will be a lot easier for you.
  4. It is quite normal for kids to experience ear pain when the plane is taking-off and landing. Pack easily chewable sweets as it will help them in coping up with the pain while the plane is either taking-off or landing.
  5. Carry homemade food for your kids, if they are above 6 months. In addition to this, keep a travel bottle warmer for keeping drinks fresh.
  6. If possible, opt for the front seats of the aircraft for your travel to London as the front seats generally have larger leg-space and are at a distance from the engine of the plane. Along with this, choose the window seats as ever-changing scenery viewed from the plane window always fascinates small kids.
  7. Do not forget to keep a change of clothes for your baby and your child.
  8. Pack some toys and other things, which will engross your kid in plane. Keeping pencils and notebooks is a good idea too as children love to scribble.
  9. Keep an ample stock of diapers and wet wipes for your little baby.
  10. Portable DVD players and PSPs will distract your child’s attention while travelling. However, make sure that the batteries are optimally charged before the travel begins.
  11. If you are taking some drinks with you for your child, make sure that the beaker is capped. It will avoid spills and such beakers are easy to carry too.

Travelling with kids or babies, no doubt is a formidable task. Nevertheless, with proper planning and these tips, you can easily lessen the travelling blues with your little ones.
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