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The latest contributor to the My London Love series, Cristi Almaguer, couldn’t believe it when she finally got the chance to visit her dream destination – London. She and her husband took on the city streets all by themselves and explored every nook and corner. From the cultural history of the place to the hospitable nature of Londoners, everything left a lasting impact on Cristi’s heart! Join her in the heart-warming adventure she had in the royal city, by reading her travel account below:

Travel Story by Cristi Almaguer from Hidalgo, Mexico

Cristi“The buildings, the streets, and the people – everything left a lasting impression on me.”

When my husband suggested that we take a tour to London, I couldn’t help but agree. The city has always been one of my dream destinations so I grappled the opportunity to explore it with both hands! It’s an extraordinary place, steeped in a fine blend of distinct people and their diverse cultures.

We boarded a British Airways flight from Cancun to London. The on-flight experience was overwhelming. The service was excellent, the food was delectable and most importantly, the crew was very attentive. They paid heed to even the smallest needs of all passengers.

As I de-boarded the flight, I was greeted by the exemplary hospitality of Londoners. In fact, it was the first thing that caught my fancy. Since English isn’t my first language, I was having a hard time locating my hotel. So I approached a cop and thankfully he was kind enough to guide me with the way. He was extremely obliging.

We had booked the Gatwick Belmont Hotel for our stopover. Once I reached the hotel it was time for some rejuvenation. The hotel was very warm and hospitable. For me, it was a new experience altogether since I was new to the place, the people and the mannerisms. The rooms were clean and warm and the interiors were classy. The food served at the hotel was also scrumptious. I specifically loved the chicken roll, fish and chips, and all English breakfast. For desserts, the ice cream with chocolate bar suited us well.

Also, the staff was quite considerate. I approached the hotel receptionist with my queries related to transport and moving around London, in general. She not only helped me with the nearest tube station but also arranged a van to drop us off to the station. This is one thing I notably loved about Londoners. They are very straightforward and nice people, always ready to lend a helping hand.

After having a serene good night’s sleep at the hotel, next morning we were set to explore the British capital. I decided to explore the city with my husband only. When we two were together, we didn’t need a guide at all J And, I must admit, it was the best decision taken. Being on our own, we learned a lot more about the city than any guided tour could tell. Besides, there were no time constraints. We could stay out till as long as we wanted. We owned our time. And also, it was quite romantic.

So, the first place we headed to was the London Eye. It was a fantastic experience. Getting a view of London from 442 feet from above the ground was enthralling! And after that, cruising in the Thames and exploring its depth made us feel even nice. By the time we were through with the cruise ride, it was already dusk and we decided to go back to the hotel walking. The overall experience was splendid. In my opinion, it is best to discover the city on foot.

Changing of the Guards

Next morning we woke up only to embrace a beautiful London morning. The sky was clear so we decided to visit the Buckingham Palace. The very enormity of the place put us in awe. We were to be there during the Changing of Guards Ceremony. We walked along the procession from the Victoria station to the Buckingham Palace. Everything about the spectacle was just perfect! From the way the guards marched in harmony to the classical music playing in the backdrop, everything exhibited chivalry and royal charm.

Once the ceremony was over, we went ahead to explore one of the most significant museums in London – the British Museum. According to me, it is a must-see place as you find a perfect blend of culture and history under a single roof. We got to know so much about the origins of the vibrant British customs.

The cultural account of the city left an impact on me and I dearly wanted to take a part of it along with me. So, obviously, the next thing I aimed for was shopping. My husband was reluctant but gradually he gave in. We walked down to the Piccadilly Circus. This place houses some amazing shops. I came across this beautifully decorated showroom, Lush, that was all about perfumes and scents. I had never seen such an enormous collection of so many varied fragrances at one place. 

Piccadilly Circus

Next we explored a shop named BAPE. I think it was Japanese brand, but nevertheless, their collection of apparels was amazing. They sold all limited-editions. London is a heaven for shopaholics. We bought perfumes, t-shirts, souvenirs and shoes. On our way back, we also stopped by the Ben & Jerry’s ice cream parlour. They served flavours that I hadn’t even heard of before. My ice cream eating experience was redefined.

Piccadilly Circus became my favourite corner in London. As if the shopping extravaganza was not enough, the variety of food available there overwhelmed us. It is also a traffic roundabout so you get an earnest opportunity to meet and interact with locals. Moreover, it is situated very close to China Town, a happening place where you can find a rich mix of people and cultures.

Since we didn’t have much time left on us, we couldn’t visit the London Eye. Though, I was really looking forward to be there. And this brings me to the piece of advice I would like to share with all the people planning to tour London soon – you need minimum four days to explore the place. And it’s best to do so on your own. You get to learn a lot about the British capital.

London was an amazing experience! The buildings, the streets, and the people – everything left a lasting impression on me. I wish to come back to the city soon. In fact, I love it so much that I would love to come and live here for the rest of my life! The place is magical!

This was indeed a heart-to-heart account of London tour.  Did Cristi’s story take you back to the memorable time you spent in London? Please do share your experiences with us. We would love to know about your travel story and share it with the world. Please feel free to contact us at info@londonhotels4u.com. Have an experience to share but don’t know how to pen it down? Don’t worry! All you need to do is to fill a simple questionnaire and our team of writers will take care of the rest. It’s really just that simple! And now, do let us know how well you related with Cristi’s story? You may leave your comments below.

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