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Adam Burt, our latest contributor to My London Love series has always been smitten with everything British. Being an explorer at heart, he decided to board the train to the British Capital and explore various landmark establishments. From visiting Sherlock to looking for Frozen’s dolls to exploring various geeky and Fan-boy destinations in London, Adam’s travel story is full of such interesting tales. Tap into the bliss that he felt while visiting London on his own, by reading his personal experiences below:

          Adam Burt from Leeds, UK
 Adam Burt“More than the amazing geeky souvenirs, London filled me up with beautiful experiences that I would remember for life.”

I have always been fascinated with the British Culture –British Landmarks, British Flag, and even the All English Breakfast. So when time presented the opportunity to visit the British Capital, I just couldn’t resist it. I booked my train from Leeds to London. On the Leeds station, I remember feeling very nostalgic and ambivalent. I was happy that I’d finally be visiting London, but I was also sad that I wouldn’t get to see my family and be with my cats for the next few days. Did I tell you that I have got 4 cats back at home? Anyway, I hopped on to the train, only focusing on the thrill and excitement of visiting the city that I so much love.

By the time I reached King’s Cross, there wasn’t much room left for the exploration. Also, I felt wired down with the entire train journey. Hence, I decided to check into an accommodation near King’s Cross itself, and relax for a little while.

The next morning, I distinctly remember waking up and feeling this absolute bliss. As I stared out of the window of the hotel, the feeling ultimately sank in. Finally, I was in London!!! And the city is truly incredible!

Not being able to restrict my excitement, I hurried up with the breakfast. On second thoughts, I wish I had chosen a better accommodation though, one that would provide an All English Breakfast, or at least a proper one, while we are at it.Anyway, not letting the unpleasant breakfast ruin my day, I began with exploring the city on my own. To start with, I visited Madame Tussauds and Sherlock Holmes Museum. The stretch between the two museums also flaunts a lot of interesting shops and I bought a lot of cool and interesting gifts, souvenirs and other items from there.

Adam at Toys R Us

Ever since I watched Frozen, I had wanted to own Anna and Elsa dolls. I searched for the same at Oxford Street, and although the place is any shopper’s paradise, I couldn’t find the dolls there. No regrets though, as I easily got the dolls at TOYS R US store in Queensway, London. It’s an amazing toy store, and I personally recommend people to visit that place at least once. And while we are at it, Tokyo Toys Store is another such epic store in London that sells anything from Anime to Manga.

Over the following days, I explored the British Capital to the fullest. I travelled around Shaftesbury Avenue, British Library and British Museum (the museum is simply magnificent), Nelson’s Column, Big Ben (it won my heart), London Eye, Tower of London, Tower Bridge and Westminster Abbey. A lot of these places have enough shopping options, something that helped me collect gifts and souvenirs as I went about travelling and exploring.

Tower Bridge

To all the geeks and Fandom lovers reading this post, I’d suggest you all must visit the Forbidden Planet in the Shaftesbury Avenue. It has awesome collection of geeky materials, ranging from various super-heroes stuff, to comics, to Star Wars to Doctor Who and more.

I had to cut my trip short, and still regret that couldn’t take the guided tour of Wembley Stadium, since it was closed at that time. Next time I visit the place I would definitely take that guided tour to London, and perhaps stay at a place serving the All English Breakfast.

However, this doesn’t take away the amazing time I had in London. It is one of those cities that you can enjoy completely on your own. On the last day, I still remember carrying 3 bags with me, as I had bought so many gifts and souvenirs for everyone. But more than the things in my bags, London filled me up with so many beautiful memories and enriching experiences, which would always stay with me, no matter where I am.

Another fine experience comes to an end. Did you have a short trip down the memory lane while reading Adam’s experiences? If you would like to reach out and share your travel stories with us, please feel free to contact us at You need not be a professional writer to have your story published here. Just fill a short questionnaire and our team of writers would work on your story.It’s really just that simple! And now, do let us know how much you enjoyed going through this geeky and explorative travel escapade? Drop in your comments below.
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