It’s a Boy: Duchess of Cambridge Gives Birth to Royal Baby

The future King of England, ‘Prince of Cambridge’ (unnamed royal baby) is here in London. Duchess of Cambridge, Catherine gave birth to a boy at St Mary’s Hospital in Central London.
She was admitted in the hospital late on Sunday, but gave birth to Royal Baby at around 4.24 pm BST on Monday, 22nd July 2013. Prince William, her husband was by her bedside.
Both the mother and baby are doing well. The Royal Baby weighs around 8lbs 60z (3.6kg).

Prince (Name) of Cambridge
The prince could be named today, with bookies’ favourite names James, George, or Henry. But, he has already been given title – His Royal Highness and will be known as ‘Prince (name) of Cambridge’.

As per the statements released by Buckingham Palace, great grandmother, the Queen said she was delighted at the news of baby boy. Prince Charles exclaimed to be overjoyed as a happy grandfather for first time.

British Prime Minister, David Cameroon said in a statement that, “It was a historic moment in the life of our nation.” He also added that “William and Kate will make wonderful parents.”

The United States President, Barack Obama was elated at the news and said that the new baby’s birth is a ‘joyous occasion’.

Hundreds Gather Outside the Hospital
The first night of Royal Baby was an eventual one, as London witnessed violent thunderstorms after being in news for hot weather. Well-wishers from across the globe gathered outside St Mary’s Hospital in Paddington, welcoming the new royal heir.
The crowd partied all night long outside the hospital and Buckingham Palace, even in the thunderstorms and rains.
Third in Line
The Royal Baby will be third in line to British Throne, now occupied by the Queen. Prince Charles, Queen’s son will succeed her, followed by his elder son, Prince William. Leaders of all Commonwealth countries agreed the change of throne succession in 2011, paving way for royal baby’s succession, regardless of sex.
Previously, boys in the family outranked female siblings. So, if a daughter is born first, she could be pushed out of line by her younger brother. British monarch or the Queen is also the head of state in 15 Commonwealth countries, including Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

Good for Business
Prince of Cambridge, the baby boy born to William and Kate is expected to good for UK’s business. Centre for Retail Research in UK estimates that retailers in the country may sell over $121 million worth royal baby toys and souvenirs. You can expect anything from royal baby clothing to diapers and prince potty chairs in the city.
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