Know How to Blend Business and Leisure on Your London Trip

Getting out of office even if it is for business reasons, makes you much more efficient and effective at time. A little change can turn the tables when you are to visit a city like London. If it is your business trip to London and the first time too, an urge to spend leisure hours and explore the royal city is quite evident. Here is when you need some easy manipulations which should neither effect your work nor deprive you of awing this beautiful city full of splendour.
Be Organised
Whatever is your time to leave your London hotel room for work, make sure you are well organised. Make sure you are carrying everything you require and let the necessary set of contacts know when you are leaving and till what time you will be out. Once everything is settled, you will not lose time in wondering what to do and what not. This will save much of your time and you can have a relaxing drink along with your dinner in one of the luxury restaurants in the city.

Leverage Your Time for Coffee
If you want to relish that morning slurp of coffee in one of the chic coffee shops in Kensington and have calls to make, you can leverage your time. Relax in these cafes and make best use of their WiFi for your business needs. Sip on your latte and stay connected to all. Make sure you select a quiet corner for yourself. VoIP business phone plans are the best one for business calls if you want to keep your calling costs low.

Work While you Work Out
Take your business to your hotel gym. Enjoy your work out and stay focused at the same time. Take your phone along and read your mails or take calls while you are running up the treadmill. The hotel gyms in London are well equipped with state of the art features to make your that you do not miss any of your business correspondence while you work out.

Enjoy the Sounds of Water along the River Thames
The aura, the sounds of water and a refreshing soft drink alongside the River Thames in Southbank is sure to show you the fascinating face of the city while you work. However, make sure you choose a time when not much crowd is there to disturb you while you are working.

By following these suggestions, you can get on with your work and still explore the city without much hassle.
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