London Attractions for Nature Lovers

Within the hustling city of London lie serene places where you can escape the crowd and let the thoughts flow. Enjoy a leisurely wander on the pathways, listen to the birds humming, and witness natural scenery at its best. London’s scenic gardens and nature reserves are no less than the Garden of Eden –serene and celestial. If you’re in love with nature and by any chance are in London, the huge metropolis, never think you’re short of tranquil and picturesque places.


Isabella Plantation
Hidden in the bushy corners of Richmond Park, Isabella Plantation is a delight to watch! In the warmer months, day lillies and candelabra primulas adorn the brooks and lakes whilst Late rhododendrons embellish the styrax tree blooming with fragrant flowers.In autumn, the whole scene turns into crimson and butter yellow, making it look breath-taking. Grey squirrels often accompany your wander whilst the rabbit play hide and seek. It’s a sudden burst of colour within the greenery of the royal park. The nature’s wonders will make you feel you’ve fallen down the wrong rabbit hole into Alice’s Wonderland.

Kyoto Gardens
When the Japanese creativity and British aesthetics meet, the result is always stupendous like this little Japanese garden. Always amazing first time visitors, this lush garden is just that scenic green place inspiring paintings. Complete with a pond, stone temple, bridge, fountain, and waterfalls, this is an amazing spot to witness nature in harmony with the man-made. Don’t be amazed to see a resident peacock following your footsteps. Lay your picnic blanket here to while away a lazy afternoon, read your favourite book on the park bench, or capture nature at its best with your camera. You’re bound to believe for a moment that you’re in rural Japan and not in London.

Little Venice
London’s most picturesque scene is Little Venice, a waterway lined with old canal boats, packed with grow bags with budding tomatoes and lettuce and some overflowing with hanging flower baskets and colourful window boxes. This is the place where the Grand Union meets Regent’s Canals winding its way through the heart of the city. It’s a place where you’ll feel millions away from the bustling London into the city of Venice. A choice of waterside cafes, pubs, and restaurants ensure you have the most fulfilling time exploring this marvel. To stay nearby, you can book an accommodation near Maida Vale tube.  

Kew Gardens
There’s a reason why it’s included in UNESCO’s world heritage sites. Spanning across 121 hectares, Kew Gardens comprises of greenish landscapes and glasshouses. Supremely located between Richmond and Kew in Richmond upon Thames, you can discover these extensive gardens in the freezing weather undercover. The giant lily pads in the Waterlily House are worth capturing. And the rainforest in the Palm House makes you feel as if you stepped in Amazon. And don’t forget to visit the 10 climatic zones in the Princess of Wales Conservatory. Complete your wonderful experience visiting the Kew Palace for a royal retreat.

Battersea Park
If you’re an adventurous nature lover, Battersea Park is for you. Along with flora, this park also has an amazing Children’s Zoo. Enjoy walking along the 1km long riverside promenade whilst also enjoy the riverside views.  The parkland is flat, making it a popular choice for joggers. Alongside, you can also enjoy boating in the lake if the weather is kind. Also, make sure to take in the magnanimous fountains during your visit.

If you’re keen to explore the peaceful side of London, make sure to include these places in your itinerary.
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