London Heathrow Airport Guide for International Travellers

One of the busiest airports across the globe, Heathrow is London’s main airport serving near about 68 million passengers every year. With 5 terminals, 2 main runways, and a cross wind runway, the airport has gained a title of a modern aerotropolis. If you are soon to visit the capital, here is the survival guide to travel safely to your destination from the airport.

Terminal Information
Heathrow offers you a live flight information tool to assist you in knowing which terminal you will be landing on or departing from. This modern airport has five terminals that are as follows:

Terminal 1: This terminal manages all domestic flights of British Airways and only some of its long-haul routes
Terminal 2: England’s oldest terminal, terminal 2 is under development since 2009 after approximately serving 60 years of operation.
Terminal 3: It manages flight departures for long-distance routes. Some of the examples are Singapore Airlines, Emirates Airlines (UAE), and Qantas Airlines (Australia).
Terminal 4: This terminal manages long haul flights, operated mainly by Delta, Air India and KLM.
Terminal 5: A collaboration of international airlines group, terminal 5 is mainly used by British Airways and Iberia airways.

Public Transport from Heathrow
If you’ve never landed at Heathrow airport before, a lot of questions will be popping up in your mind, like how to get into the town, which public transport to use and many more. Don’t worry. In this part in London, you’ will discover everything you need to reach your destination.

A rapid train service, Heathrow Connect connects the landing field with 5 local stations in west London. Quickest way to get to London Paddington, this fully air-conditioned train runs every 30 minutes. Terminal 1 and 3 are in close proximity to this train service. Considering the transportation needs of terminal 5 travellers, free inter-terminal service is available for them to reach the destination where the Heathrow Connect halts.

For more details, please contact on 0845 6786975
To book your ticket(s) online, please visit Heathrow Connect website

Heathrow Express is the most convenient way to get into the town. A non-stop service to London Paddington, this modern train offers plenty of luggage space and takes only 15 minutes to reach the destination. Just bear in mind that oyster cards and other travel cards are not applicable on this service.

For more details, please contact on 0845 6001515
To book your ticket(s) online, please visit Heathrow Express website

Bus and Coach
A widespread local network, buses offers a cheap travel between Heathrow and areas in west London. These low-floor buses have a lower pavement level for easy boarding and de-boarding. Standard adult fare for anywhere in the capital is £2.20, which is quite cheap as compared to other public transport.

To know more about buses and their timetables, you can visit Transport for London.

Coach services link the airport with nearly hundreds of local and nationwide destinations. There are plenty of coach operators in London that offer affordable services to and from hundreds of places, such as Oxford, Bristol, Swindon, Bath, London, and other areas. Tickets are available at airport’s central bus station or can be reserved in advance to avoid any hassle at the last minute.

If comfort comes first and money comes second for you, then hiring Taxi can be an ideal decision. It is one of the most flexible ways of reaching the city or beyond. A taxi ride to central London takes near about an hour and costs between £50 and £70. Be it a classic black cab or a chauffeur driven taxi, there is something to match every luxury requirement.

This transport system is much cheaper as compared to trains and cabs; however, it takes a little more time and is less comfortable (especially during rush hours). Piccadilly Line links with city’s top attractions like Piccadilly Circus, Covent Garden, and Heathrow (Europe’s busiest airport). The line has three stations at Heathrow airport, 1 for Terminals 1, 2 & 3, 1 for Terminal 4 and the recently opened Terminal 5. The tube normally takes 50 minutes to reach central London.

For more details on fares, please contact on 020 7222 1234
If you don’t know what route to take, you can also take a look at
Standard Tube Map.

Airport Facilities

Executive Lounges
Considering the needs of business passengers, the airport has executive lounges in every terminal. To ensure a seat, it is advisable to book in advance at No.1 Traveller. To get more information, enquire your travel agent or tour operator while booking.

Bars and Restaurants
London Heathrow airport is chock full of bars and restaurants to enjoy the delicious food and drink in the relaxing atmosphere. From healthy food options to boozers, you can discover exactly what you need to satisfy your craving. To check out which eat-outs are available at every terminal, you can visit Heathrow airport food guide.

Heathrow Airport Hotels
Whether you need to get an early flight or you need a place to relax after a long-haul flight before starting your journey, Heathrow Airport Hotels are a perfect option to stay in the capital. An extensive range of cheap and luxury hotels surrounds the airport. The Fox & Goose Hotel, Chiswick Moran Hotel, Sofitel London Heathrow are luxurious airport hotels, whereas Heathrow Lodge and Willow Guest House are a budget option. Absolute blend of relaxation and convenience, these hotels offer a variety of services and amenities to complement every need. Some of the facilities include health & fitness centre, wi-fi, swimming pool, bar, parking, laundry, and corporate services. Guests can eat and drink at the hotel’s restaurant and enjoy views of planes taking off and landing.

This Heathrow airport guide includes all the definitive information to assist you when travelling to, from and around the UK’s busiest airport (based on the number of international passengers).
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