London LGBT Pride 2014: Celebrating Diversity and Freedom

It’s June already, and hence the time has come to take on the streets of London, and celebrate with pride and panache, the thriving community of sexual minorities. Coinciding with the 45th anniversary of the legendary Stonewall Riots of New York is the LGBT Pride Walk in London. Ever since the pioneer pride walk of 2004, the LGBT Walks have now become the part and parcel of the capital’s tradition. In fact, the event is now one amongst the largest street festivals organized in the city, second only to the vibrant Notting Hill Street Carnival. For anyone expecting a kaleidoscopic eclectic mix of culture and euphoria, this event is a must to attend.

Pride Flag Freedom To

Amongst the largest worldwide gay events, this year’s London Pride is scheduled on the 28 June, 2014. The pride shall commence from the usual spot, Baker Street and concludes at the Whitehall. Staying true to its tradition, this year’s pride also has a specific theme for itself. With the intent to reclaim the freedom of the LGBT community, and perhaps to fight off the increasing levels of homophobia in various parts of Russia and the world, current pride’s theme is “Freedom To...” The phrase may appeal differently to different people and hence, everyone is encouraged to complete the sentence starting with “Freedom To.” Consequently, the hash-tag “#FreedomTo” has now become one of the trending topics on Twitter and has various celebs and general public sharing their essence of the sentence. Do share your sentiments on #FreedomTo with us in the comment box below, and continue reading to know more about the event and its details.

Event: LGBT Pride Walk London 2014
Date: 28 June 2014
Venue: Various Venues
Nearest Tube Station: Baker Street Tube Station

Pride Walk Route: Pride Commences from Baker Street and proceeds towards the Orchard Street. From Orchard Street, the pride will then turn left towards Oxford Street, continuing towards Oxford Circus. From there, the pride then turns right towards the Regent Street, continuing towards the Trafalgar Square. Moving forward, the feisty walk finally concludes at the Whitehall.

Pride London 2014

Key Points about the Pride:
  • Pride is a jubilant and eclectic show of celebration of one’s individuality and sexuality.
  • A heart-warming number of gays, lesbians, trans-genders and transsexuals participate in the pride.
  • An awe-inspiring number of heterosexuals also show up to demonstrate their solidarity for their fellow homosexual counterparts.
  • The pride involves a colourful mix of floats, group activities and demonstrations, along with music, dance and heartfelt celebrations.
  • People participating in the walks are warmly welcomed by various bars and pubs along the way, some even serving free meals and drinks, or providing other special offers on that very day.
  • Most of the regular driving routes, car parking and bus routes are suspended during the progression of the pride. People not participating in the pride are requested to either be a part of the pride, enjoying the celebrations with their fellow human beings, or steer clear of the central parts of London, in order to avoid getting stuck in the jams.

To get the feel of it, we recommend watching this video of London LGBT Pride 2013.

Visit London for Attending the Pride

London’s LGBT Pride is an event that most of the gay community plans year around.  If you wish to witness the spectacle live in action, and reclaim your freedom to love and express yourself freely, you should definitely visit the LGBT Pride Walk of London. If you wish to walk the pride with your partner, or your set of queer friends, it is best to book your hotel accommodations as soon as possible. Since most of the bookings are done in advance, you’d be lucky to find a suitable accommodation near the event, even if you start looking now!

However, let’s start looking for suitable hotels around the event. If you are travelling specifically to attend the Pride walk, you may want to spend your time closer to the following two locations:

  1. Baker Street: since Baker Street is the starting point of the pride, you should definitely consider booking your stay near the place. You can easily find various accommodations near Baker Street through Londonhotels4u. And if you do not wish to spend extra money on your lodgings, you may try various hidden gems and mystery hotels near the place. These hidden gems are completely secured hotels providing ultimate luxury, but offer accommodations at rather discounted prices.
  2. Trafalgar Square: this square is the leading hub for cultural events and activities around London. Besides, it carries various gay-friendly stores and shops and hence allows you to be prepared for the pride. You can find interesting stay options around Trafalgar Square here, and book your stay accordingly.
And if you’d like, you can also check out some of the most gay-friendly hotels in London here.

After Pride Celebrations

And how can you even think of leaving London without an after-pride party? Once you have walked, hand in hand with your partner or friends, and have experienced the ecstasy and honour of the pride, it is time for celebrations.

Gay Nightclub Party

Soho is where the action is going to be. Being one of the most frequented gay destinations in London, the place dons a different shade altogether during the LGBT pride week. As the epicentre for gay clubbing and nightlife, this place offers an array of gay bars, restaurants and cafes for everyone to have a good time at. The Old Compton Street, starting from the Charing Cross and leading to the heart of Soho, happens to be the most frequented and shiny street nearing the end of June.  

Various gay bars and pubs that you should definitely consider visiting at least for once are Heaven, and G-A-Y Bar. With their popularity and eclectic mix of music, dance, drinks and more, these are the most winsome after-pride destinations in London. If you are curious to discover the life of this place in particular, why not book your accommodation in Soho and discover the queer part of the capital?

Various other clubs have also announced their special LGBT Pride plans. One such party is being organized at the Urban World Pride, and includes World Music, Soulful House, R ‘n’ B, Middle Eastern Club Sounds and Bhangra and Desi Beats. The admission fees is 10 – 15 £, and it promises a truly diverse and unique after pride experience.

Alternatively, enthusiastic queer and gay-friendly crowd can also enjoy stunning visuals, hi-tech production, Gogo dancers and international DJs at We Party London club.

So, Let’s Walk with Pride, Shall We?

If equality, individuality, acceptance and tolerance are some of the values that you believe in, then do participate in this year’s London LGBT Pride. Let’s dissolve hate and homophobia and built mutual trust and acceptance on this planet. We at wish you all Happy LGBT Pride 2014!

*Pride Hugs!*
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