London Tipping Etiquettes

Whether you spend a little or a lot, it is expected to reward the good service you receive in London. A proper tipping etiquette in London is not really different and big as compared to other global cities. Some tourists may hate this concept of paying extra for a service, but a generous traveller will surely appreciate and tip like a local in London. This guide will help you to learn who and how much to tip in London.

London’s Restaurants
While dining out in London, it is customary to leave 10-15% of the bill as a thank-you tip. Although some eateries often add on a service charge (normally 12.5%), so make sure that you check your food bill carefully to avoid tipping twice. It is not generally necessary to leave a tip for fast food, self-service, or takeaway meals.

Best Suggestion: Credit or debit cards are best suited to pay a food bill, but the waiter expects to get the tip in cash.

London’s Bars
It is not customary to leave a tip in bars, although if you have received an outstanding service and wish to reward the bartender, it is all up to you. Once you finish your drinks, the bartender will surely return you the change on a thank you tray.
Best Suggestion: Instead of giving a monetary tip, why not buy the bartender a drink in a bar.

London’s Hotels
Similar to restaurants, most hotel bills involve a service charge, normally 10-15%. If your luxury hotel doesn’t involve any service charge, then you are expected to leave a tip. Tipping 1 or 2 pounds are enough for a porter, but if you are staying in a five star hotel, then you are hoped-for 5 pounds. For housekeeping staff, you can also leave a tip for 4 or 5 pounds. You don’t need to tip any other staff such as concierges and door staff, but generous tips are always welcomed and appreciated.

Best Suggestion: While leaving a tip for any hotel staff, be polite and say thank-you.

Black Cab Drivers
Every local knows that travelling around London in a black cab and private taxi is a quite expensive affair, so it is completely up to you whether you want to tip or not. But, it is gracious to leave a tip of 10-12% for black cabs and approved minicabs in the capital. Many people just seek out the fare to the nearest £1 and ask the chauffeur to “keep the change”.

Best Suggestion: If you have hired a cab for a long itinerary and the chauffeur has helped you with baggage, you may require tipping a little extra, up to £5.

It can be a little embarrassing for any traveller if he or she is not familiar with the tipping etiquette in a city. However, by considering this guide, you can rest assured that who and how much to tip in London.
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