London with Kids! Can an Itinerary be planned?

Travelling to London is the ultimate dream for many travellers. However, when it comes to travelling with kids, it becomes a challenging task, as children are the fussiest travellers to have. They are demanding and if something does not amuse them, they simply walk away. All this sometimes results in you stressing out even in your vacations and all your tour itinerary to London goes berserk. You then start wondering whether an itinerary can even be planned with your kids or not.

Fortunately, the answer is yes. You can plan an itinerary to London and stick with it even if you have kids with you. Given below is a “one-day” itinerary to London with kids. You may want to choose locations that are near to your hotel in London or you may want to add more attractions according to your likings.The following guide will give you a broad idea while you are framing your kid-friendly London itinerary.

Keeping your kids occupied is probably the best way to amuse them. And, for that start your day in London with Shakespeare’s Globe. In this theatre, there is a session called “Childsplay” where children aged 8-11 enact the plays of Shakespeare. As children enact the performance, your kids will love the place.

Afterwards, in the mid-morning, visit the Horniman Museum. Located in the Forest Hill of London, this museum is a major family tourist attraction in the city. Housing an extensive collection of artefacts from the fields ofanthropology, natural history and musical instruments, both kids and adults love this museum alike. The museum has eight different areas, most significant among them are:

Tropical butterflies flying around in a tropical forest and colourful South American fish swimming below. This is the place to be with kids. On live-display are coral and sea reef that would totally enthralyou and your kids.

African Worlds:
An ancient African Safari awaits you in this area of the museum. It is an exhibition portraying a confluence of sculpture and decorative arts of Africa. The highlight of this exhibition includes masterpieces of art from the Bronze era.

Centenary Gallery:
This gallery houses more than 1,000 artefacts from cultures and civilisations all over the world. Objects like Japanese Monkey-fish, a crocodile shaped death dance mask and hobby horse will charm your kids like never before.

However, the most intriguing object at this gallery is the torture chair that was used in a dungeon in Cuenca in Spain in the 17th Century.

After your sightseeing spree at the museum, head towards the garden area of the museum. The abundance of rabbits, goats and chickens here will keep your kids interested while you can explore the beauty of the landscape with your spouse in the meantime.

You are bound to feel hungry after visiting so many places and so do your kids. If you have lunch packed with you, you can have a treat at the Horniman museum garden itself. If this is not the case, then catch a train to London Bridge via Forest Hill Train Station. Through London Bridge, take a train to Charing Cross Station.

At Charing Cross Station, you will find a number of good restaurants with separate menu for kids. You can have a comforting treat with your kids either at Wahaca or at the much-acclaimed Fire & Stone.

Afternoon is a time to stroll around the city with minimum pace. From Charing Cross, walk your way towards St. James’s Park. Covering 58 acres at the heart of London city, this park is a haven for kids. Apart from children’s playground, this park is a converging point for magnificent water birds, woodpeckers, and pelicans.

From St. James’s Park, take your kids to Buckingham Palace. It is the residence and the office of her majesty, the Queen of London and one of the most palatial and stunning palaces of the world.

If you happen to visit London at the end of July, then you will witness the Buckingham Palace Summer Opening Ceremony. It is a rare occasion when you can tour the nineteen State Rooms. These State Rooms house a breath-taking collection of finest art and furniture. In addition to this, the royal robes, which are put on display, will allure not just your kids but you too.

If you have time left with you, then explore the alleys of Westminster Abbey. A Gothic Church, now this place is most famous for hosting royal weddings (including that of Prince William and Kate Middleton). Along with this, this place historically, has been a burial site for many famous men of Britain like Charles Dickens, Isaac Newton, and other luminaries. In fact, there is place called “the Poet’s Corner”. Some of the most famous literary figures of the world are buried here.

All the sightseeing done, it is the time to fill up the empty bellies. Kids-friendly restaurant are in plenty in London. These kids-friendly restaurants boast a hospitable staff and a separate menu for kids so that they do not have to make a fuss about their food. Two of the best kids-friendly restaurants that will also put your taste buds onto a singing mode are:

It is a family-friendly restaurants chain that has 15 branches in London. The staff here is extremely kids-friendly. In fact, here kids are given crayons and balloons to keep them engrossed in case they are into “disturbing you” mode.

The food aspect too is extremely comforting and commendable. For your kids, they have come up with innovative dishes like giraffe burger, ribs, and a cottage pie.

Rainforest Café:
As soon as you enter this café, you will realise that you have entered the right place to dine with your kids. Life-like pictures of gorilla, elephant, and butterflies will captivate your kids more than anything else. Whereas the food part is quite alluring too. Weird dishes’ names like Lava Nachos, Rasta Pasta, Leaping Lizard Mezze and others like them are as much delicious as they are weirdly named.

The kids menu at this restaurant roughly starts from 12.50£ and includes a main course and dessert.

The above itinerary is just a glimpse of what you can do with your kids in London. Plan your own kid-friendly itinerary to London, taking a cue from these ideas and gift your kids a memorable experience in London.
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