Lost Property on London Transport – FAQs

While enjoying the best of London city, did you lose your watch, iPhone, or camera on public transport without having it insured? Whether it was expensive or gifted, you are bound to get upset, and think you should have kept it safely.

However, Transport of London is always ready to assist you, as it finds over 160,000 lost objects every year on public transport like buses, underground stations, black cabs, and trains. The organisation holds a quite comprehensive system and makes every effort to reunite travellers with their lost belongings.

If You Lost Something on a London Tube
Come on and do not just sit at your hotel room regretting the past. Though a majority of Londoners are honest, you need to put all efforts to get your lost item back. Most probably, either a supervisor will discover it during the journey or a traveller will give it to the respective staff member at a tube station halfway on the line.

One of the best options is to visit the station control room and do provide a complete description about your missing object. Every lost object is documented at these operation centres, where the object is recognized before being forwarded to the Transport for London. If a station doesn’t have it, you should report it online by filling in the TFL Lost Property form.

If You Lost Something on a London Bus
Just after getting off the bus, you come across that you left something valuable behind. If the bus hasn’t covered a long distance, call over a black cab immediately and try to chase the bus to its final destination at the depot! This might help you get back your left object from the bus right away. In other ways, lost object on a London bus is reported and managed in a similar manner as the underground station, so read the above paragraph.

If You Lost Something on a London Black Cab
If you lost anything in a Licensed London Black Taxi, the chances of getting it back are positive, as cab chauffeurs are generally quite honest. When a driver gets unclaimed object in his cab, he will hand it over to a local police station. But, if he finds a phone, he will possibly wait for a while to see if you will ask to fix a time and place to give it back to you. Once being forwarded to local police office, the item is sent to London Lost Property Office (LPO). To get the lost object back from the LPO, you can enquire online.

Where is London Lost Property Office?
All the lost and found property will be kept back at the local bus, train, and tube station only for a couple of days. Later on, they will make a trip to Transport for London office. There is no point in spending time at the office just after the incident, as they won’t try to find your lost item in their massive warehouse immediately. In this case, you can fill in the online form – all lost property requests are examined separately and a feedback will be given within 2-3 weeks. Make contact with the staff at London Lost Property Office, located at 200 Baker St, W1. Or to get more information, you can visit www.tfl.gov.uk.

These answers are intended to help you find your lost property on London Transport, be it a tube, bus or a cab. Make sure you have an idea of lost and found procedures before travelling to London.
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