Luxury Hotels London with Designated Smoking Areas

May Fair Hotel

It is hard to find a London hotel that allows smoking but it is equally hard for aficionados to resist smoking on a vacation. Here is a list of luxury hotels London that offer designated smoking areas so you can start you day with a cigarette. Some hotels offer cigar lounges too, which gives you a chance to smoke in a sumptuous surroundings with like-minded people.

If you are a smoking addict planning a London vacation, here is a list of hotels in London that welcome smokers.

May Fair Hotel

There is no better place to smoke than the Cigar Room at May Fair Hotel. The exclusive smoking area at this hotel is completely stylish and unique. The exquisite selection of hand-rolled cigars includes Trinidad, Bolivar, Cohiba, and so on. Along with cigars, a range of delectable martinis and whiskeys are also on offer. Take a sip of rum or tequila and enjoy a unique drinking experience. Unmatched interior reflects the creative sense of the designer. Wrapped in stainless steel mesh, the place creates an open space to breathe. It is a must visit for both connoisseurs and experimenters alike.

Millennium Hotel London Mayfair

Conveniently located near West End and Kensington Garden, Millennium Hotel London Mayfair hotel takes luxury to a new height. Form standard to superior to clubrooms, there is so many options that you will find a room that suits you. For smokers, the hotel features designated smoking areas for the comfort of the guests. If you are a cocktail lover, champagne, cocktails, and spirits await you at Pine Bar. Sundays feature live piano entertainment from 9 pm to 1 pm. You can plan a perfect night out without leaving your hotel.

These lush hotels in London allow smoking in their premises. To get the best hotel deals, book your accommodation in advance.

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