Most Haunted Hotels in London

Visiting a haunted house, an old cemetery, or taking a ghost tour are all good for this Halloween. But if you really want to do the ‘ghost thing’, nothing is better than staying overnight. It is during the dark hours, when the ghosts come out on the night of the nights. In fact, London is blessed or cursed with one of the most haunted hotels. And one thing that is common amongst the ghosts who visit these hotels is that they all prefer to haunt the luxurious hotels. Classic choice indeed! Take a horrifying tour of some of the most haunted hotels, if you dare.


The Langham London
An old and mysterious building dating back to 1864, many influential historic figures have frequented and even died at The Langham London. There have several ghosts sightings been reported at Langham, especially at room no. 333. In 1973, James Alexander Gordon was sleeping over in this room and suddenly he awoke to find a mysterious fluorescent ball hovering opposite him. Within few seconds, it began to take a clear form of an Edwardian gentleman.

On asking who he is and what he wants, the ghost started to approach towards him with outstretched arms and fixed unblinking eyes. He fled the room and since then the ghostly activity continues in the room. The ghost is said to be a Victorian Doctor who killed his wife and himself when honeymooning in the same room. The gruesome dead doctor is said to make appearance only in October, which makes it a perfect choice for a Halloween getaway.


The Cadogan Hotel
This little lodging is said to be frequented by the ghost of Lillie Langtry, an actor who is said to have seduced King Edward VII. Lillie used to live in a building that later became the part of the hotel. Although she died in Monaco but ghosts are often reported to haunt their former homes. It seems to be the case with Lillie too. But there is no evidence that Lille wants to interact with the living. She often appears during the silent moments at the hotel, often in the restaurant. Perhaps she haunts the hotel because The Cadogan Hotel is the place where her spirit feels most comfortable or perhaps she may have an unfinished business with the hotel.

Grange Blooms Hotel
Just a short stroll from the British Museum, this historic townhouse dates back to 18th century. However, the land where it stands used to be the grounds of Montague House, which is British Museum now. Grange Blooms is said to be haunted by a man who is keen upon reading books, Dr John Cumming. He used to interpret Old and New Testament prophecies about the end of the world. He also believed that he would live to witness the end of the world. He prefers to make his ghastly appearance during the long winter nights in the lounge area.
An overnight stay at any of these hotels will send chills down your spine. However, any guest failing to encounter the ghosts will at least enjoy a luxurious stay in a splendid location.
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