Packing Tips for those Visiting London with a Baby

Some parents think when you have babies you need to quadruple your baggage while travelling to any other city. To some extent, it is true that travelling to London with a little one seems overwhelming, as you need to pack all your baby’s essentials in your suitcase. From clothes to toiletries, to feeding accessories, everything should be there to make your family holiday a stress-free experience.
Although a family hotel providing talc, slippers, bathrobes, bottle warmers, and baby cots, will make your list of packing essentials small. Still, these packing tips will assist you through the crazy adventure of packing for your toddler:

Little ones tend to get dirty easily. So, they need at least 2 outfits every day. You are obviously thinking that two outfits a day are enough to make your luggage heavy and unmanageable. If you do not want to end up saying, “Am I taking too much stuff”? Then, try to pick clothing that matches with different outfits. Winter in London is undeniably the most amazing experience, but do not forget to pack at least two sweaters and a coat for your little one.

If you have a little space in your vacation suitcase, do pack a good selection of toys or games. Taking a well thought out range of toys for your little one can make a big difference on your long trip. Squishy and soft toys, colouring books, and baby scarf will keep your little one entertained. Besides, there are some other toys like a jitter toy, rattles, and soft tethers for your toddlers to have fun experience.

Bottles and baby beakers are necessary for any new parents for feeding their toddlers. If you use powdered milk, it is sensible to take more than necessary for your journey. It might be possible you won’t find it at any of your destination. You will also need plastic bowl, spoon, fork, and Sippy cup to feed your baby. However, do not forget to pack ready-made baby food and drinks to fulfil the dietary needs of your baby.

Carry a few small plastic bags into your luggage for dirty diapers. Make sure you have an idea of how many diapers you may require during your journey. It is advisable to carry a few extras in case of emergency. Do not forget to pack disposable wipes, as they are quite useful for changing diapers. If you are thinking to buy these toiletries in London, you will definitely save a space in your luggage.

Other Essentials
Even your little one requires a passport. So, make sure to pack your baby’s passport in a secure place. Moreover, do not forget to take baby toothpaste, talcum powder, sunscreen, and other essentials.

Addition Tips
If you will travel by plane, make sure to prepare your little ones for take-off. Engage your baby with toys during take-off as it will turn off his or her attention from the uncomfortable ear-popping sensation.

With these baby-friendly travel tips, you can avoid the hassle of remembering all the things required and make packing an uncomplicated experience.
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