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London’s pubs are great places to grab classic cocktails and savour the live music of an unsigned band. It won’t come as a surprise that live music pubs have become fashionable in London – even the traditional bars are now playing a live music. Whether you are an enthusiast of indie rock bands or urban music venues – or something in between – London has plenty of great live music pubs to promise you will have a fantastic night out. Here are some of the renowned pubs and bars in London offering an eclectic mix of music in a lively environment.

Madame JoJo’s
Madame JoJo’s at Brewer Street is one of the city’s best clubs, when it comes to playing top indie rock or punk music. Quite hip and popular, this nightclub hosts live rock performances that will keep you swinging all night long. It also boasts a fully stocked bar that offers Scottish whiskies and special cocktails to fulfil your drinking appetite.
If you don’t want to leave the comfort of your hotel whilst you can’t afford to miss the London clubbing scene, then it is suggested to opt for a hotel that boasts a bar or club. The city has no shortage of luxury hotels that have garnered some of the A-list clienteles for its exotic bars and restaurants.

Bar and Co
If you are in search of London’s jazz and acoustic scene, Bar and Co is the place to be. This spacious bar hosts Boat-Ting performances, which is city’s only maritime improve music event. Besides, you can enjoy the original poetry and live jazz music here that never fail to produce a fantastic atmosphere. The staff and decor will ensure you have an unforgettable night. So, get ready to enjoy classic drinks along the beautiful banks of the river Thames.

Plastic People
Are you tired of listening amateur hip-hop music at some shabby club? Then, you have come to the right place. Dedicated to party animals, this DJ pub will get you bouncing all night. Despite being popular for its live and band performances, this basement venue boasts (top-quality) sound system that is enough to appeal any nightlife enthusiast. This oh-so-Curtain Road bar is all time favourite, a place where you can savour real urban music, cocktails, and coffee.


Apple Tree
If weird folk bands and other traditional music tickles are your thing, then Apple Tree is the place that you can’t afford to miss. Be it a folk music or an English traditional song, this chic bar hosts a number of musical performances. Oliver Cromwell and Artful Dodger are some of the famous names that have delivered heart-winning musicals at this venue.

These venues play rock, jazz, urban, folk, and other acoustic musicals to ensure you will have a fantastic night out in the capital.
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